Do you consider yourself a lover of all things animals? No matter if you love your pet dogs and cats or are a fan of wildlife, you could participate in the celebration of World Animal Day. When it comes to annual holidays, this tends to be one of the more popular ones. While other celebrations exist to celebrate a good or service, this day has many practical benefits.

What Is World Animal Day?


Around the world, people celebrate World Animal Day on October 4. According to the World Animal Day organization, their mission is to bring status and awareness to animals in an effort to improve global welfare standards. The organization also goes on to say that anyone who cares about animals has the opportunity to make a difference on this day. The group encourages participation from the following:

  • Individuals
  • Businesses
  • Animal Welfare Organizations
  • Youth Clubs
  • Community Groups

German author Heinrich Zimmermann organized the first celebration of the holiday on March 24, 1925. In 1929, he moved the event date to October 4. In 1931, the world’s most prominent animal protection organizations agreed that they would universally recognize October 4 as World Animal Day. It has since occurred on October 4 every year thereafter. October 4 is the feast day for the patron saint of animals.

The holiday has grown in popularity every year since. The organization has said that they wish to continue to improve the celebration until all animal advocates across the globe are connected. They believe in their mission, as their company website says that the holiday helps protect the future of animals around the world by inspiring people to mobilize for action.

World Animal Day Success Stories


 There are numerous stories about people who have celebrated the holiday successfully. For example, the leader of the Society for the Protection of Animal Rights in Egypt, Amina Abaza, recently used the day to lobby the Egyptian government to add an animal welfare clause to the Egyptian Constitution. The Egyptian Parliament also received a Model Animal Welfare Act from Abaza.

The Sudanese Parliament recently introduced an animal protection clause, thanks to efforts by the Sudanese Animal Care and Environmental Organization last October. The group worked to raise awareness about animal protection. By raising awareness, they drew more attention to their cause, which led to the animal protection clause.

Lastly, other countries have proven their dedication to celebrating the holiday. For instance, AnimaNaturalis Colombia and Animals Lebanon reached a Municipal Resolution mandating that the Secretariats of the Environment and Civic Culture commemorate the day. The World Animal Day organization has said that this has helped increase awareness about the ethical treatment of animals.

How To Celebrate National Animal Day

If you love animals, there’s a good chance that you’ll have a strong desire to celebrate the holiday this coming October. Fortunately, there are many ways in which you’re able to do so. Below, we’ve provided some recommendations for how to celebrate the holiday. We believe that by choosing one of the options below, you’ll find your desire to help animals fulfilled next October.

Check Out A Local Event

The organization’s website hosts an events page, which makes it easy for you to find a celebratory event near you. Odds are, you’ll be able to find an event within driving distance. One of the most fun parts about this is that often, people end up discovering a place of which they were previously unaware. Thus, these events can help expand your knowledge of animals and your community.

Many also find these events worthwhile because they get to meet new people. You’ll find yourself in the presence of like-minded people who share your goals and passions. You could end up building new bonds that could lead to future animal rights efforts at different points during the year. Surrounding yourself with a community of animal lovers is an excellent way to go to bed October 4 satisfied you made a difference.  

We also recommend bringing a few friends along. Nothing builds bonds like community service, knowing that you’re working together for a common goal. Many who have celebrated the day with friends in the past have said that they felt more inspired to make a change throughout the year, leading them to work on projects once a month together.  

Participate On Your Own


When celebrating the special day dedicated to animals, you do not necessarily have to go over the top. Some people prefer to make an impact on a local level, without much recognition. The best part, of course, is that it doesn’t make a difference what you choose to do, as long as you’re helping animals in your community.

Consider a backyard project, such as building a birdfeeder. If you’re a parent, this day could provide a great learning lesson for your child. By constructing a project together, they will learn lessons such as responsibility. Then, once the project is complete and they see how their efforts made an impact, they’ll learn valuable lessons such as caring for others, selflessness, and sustainability.


​Another great way volunteer on a smaller level while still making a significant impact is by working at a local animal shelter. Animal shelters are always in need of volunteers. Contact your local shelter before October 4 to find out how you can help that day. Because it is an internationally-recognized day, your local group may be hosting an event with which you could assist.

Roots And Shoots

​Roots and Shoots is a campaign that was started by the Jane Goodall Institute. It is a youth program that has grown to nearly 100 countries. The Jane Goodall Institute founded the initiative in 1991. It is a particularly important organization because it seeks to inspire and encourage change with generations of the future. The initiative partners with schools and youth organizations to create positive change.

On October 4, the Jane Goodall Institute underwent a fundraising campaign for their Roots and Shoots program. It’s unclear if they are going to conduct a similar campaign this year, but there’s a good chance that they will. Additionally, if you are the parent, your child may take an interest in the Roots and Shoots program. Contact the organization to find out more.  

Bring Your Family To The Zoo Or Aquarium

girl inside a giant aquarium

​Your local zoo or aquarium may have special events to help celebrate the holiday. We advise you to reach out beforehand so that you can better plan your day. Often, zoos and aquariums will seek to raise awareness by offering free or reduced admissions, or special shows attributed to this day. Your local organization may also need volunteer assistance, which would be a great way to help.

Even if you don’t volunteer, bringing your family to the zoo or aquarium that day is an excellent way for them to expand their knowledge. Remember, the ultimate goal of the holiday is to bring awareness to issues surrounding animals. By learning something new and learning how you can make a difference in the future, you’ll have celebrated the day successfully.  

Organize A Fundraiser

dog with fundraiser signage

If you are feeling particularly ambitious, you could organize a fundraiser on behalf of an animal organization with which you feel a strong bond. If you do not have a local organization in mind, you could always donate your funds to a larger group like the World Animal Day organization. These events are a fantastic way to raise community awareness.

Consider events like a 5K Walk or Run. If you’ve never hosted an event like this before, we believe you’ll find that there is a lot that goes into the planning process. You may find it worth your while to partner with a local organization, such as an animal shelter, to help with your marketing campaign. Plus, they’ll likely bring animals to the event, which is a plus for everyone.

Undergo An Awareness Campaign

​Another great way to make a difference when celebrating this day is by starting an awareness campaign. Doing so would truly embody the spirit of the day. Additionally, you’d be spreading information that will make a difference for years to come, instead of participating in a one-time action. You may again find it beneficial to partner with a local organization to help with these events.

Ideas for awareness campaigns include workshops about rabies prevention, along with information about spaying and neutering your pets. If you have the means, it may also be worthwhile to perform a radio or television interview to help bring awareness to the campaign. Even speaking about the holiday could help recruit new people to the celebration.


​Many people wonder how they can celebrate the holiday if they already have plans scheduled for that day. Whether it be work during the week or an obligation such as a friend’s wedding on the weekend, you, unfortunately, may not always find the time to celebrate the holiday with others. However, you can still help make an impact.

The best way to make a positive impact on animals if you’re not able to participate in a celebratory event is by donating. Because of how popular the holiday is, there are numerous campaigns held that day by local, national, and global organizations. You can research to find the cause to which you’d most like to donate.