Wife Appreciation Day is one of those holidays that seems to have popped up out of nowhere and has been celebrated for as long as anyone can remember. The history is all but blank about this day, but we shouldn’t dwell on the past, it’s the future that matters.

Spotlight: When and How to Celebrate Wife Appreciation Day

In this article, we will discuss the holiday, some speculations about where it came from and how it came to be. We will also explain when the unique holiday is celebrated and give you some ideas on how to celebrate it with the love of your life.

The History of Wife Appreciation Day

The one thing that we know for sure is that we don’t know much about the history of this day. Holiday experts can’t seem to agree on exactly when it came to be celebrated, nor the exact reason.

The most believed of the theories is that it was created to give a day to celebrate married women who could not bear children, or who had no children of their own. It is believed that the holiday was in direct response to mother’s day, where women with children are honored.

No written record conclusively states when the holiday first started, though if you ask around, those that know about Wife Appreciation Day will report that it has been around for as long as they have had (or have been) a wife.

Though primarily celebrated in the United States, the day is celebrated around the world. Like Valentine’s day, it is also a chance for businesses to remind husbands through ads and sales that the day is approaching and they need to do something to honor their wives.

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When to Celebrate Wife Appreciation Day

The good news for most is that the holiday is always on a Sunday. This should allow you to plan a great day for your wife and allow you the time off from work (and her, too) to thoroughly enjoy the day.

Like Thanksgiving, the holiday isn’t on a set date; rather it falls on a set day: the third Sunday in September, to be exact. While the date number will change from year to year, the day itself will remain.

Now that you realize when the day is, you should mark your calendar. Since it isn’t a federal or religious holiday, you won’t find it preprinted on your puppy wall calendar.

As a small bonus, you won’t have to worry about forgetting it. Since the day is over halfway through the month, you will see it when you flip the calendar over and will still have time to make a plan.

How to Celebrate Wife Appreciation Day

Celebrating your wife should be done every day. However, the holiday is meant to show her that you think of her in more than just the person you share your life with. It is an opportunity for you to show that you listen, care and are devoted.

The one key, no matter what you do for the holiday, is to remember that the day is about her. Don’t use it as an excuse to do something you want to do, just bringing her along. Make the day about her. Even if that means holding her purse while you watch her try on clothes.

So what are some things you can do for her? Let’s take a look at some ideas. Feel free to expand on these ideas and make them your own. After all, not every wife is the same, the attention to detail you give will be the difference maker.

Take Her Out to Dinner

It may sound cliché, but this is still one of the most favorite things to do. Not only does she not have to cook, clean or set kitchen timers and fight smoke alarms, but she also gets to dress up and remember that she is an adult.

Not only that, but your wife will get to eat whatever she wants, be waited on, enjoy some wine (or a beer) and hold a normal conversation with you.

For this idea, you should plan the whole thing, though it isn’t wise to keep it a secret. Surprises rarely work here. Give her the opportunity to know where you are taking her, and what time she should be ready to go.

This will let her spend the appropriate amount of time to get ready, picking out the right outfit and doing her hair and makeup to suit the restaurant. It should also give her the opportunity to pick the place she wants to eat unless you know that she will absolutely love the one you picked out.

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Spa Day

Wives are busy people. Seldom does that busy schedule involve time for her to take care of herself. Give her a complete spa day where she can be pampered and taken care of.

A full spa day can be at a single location or at a multitude of spots around the city. It should include a manicure and pedicure, a massage and a cut and style (or just style) of her hair. You can also include other aspects such as mud baths, masks, acupuncture, hot stones, or other types of pampering massages and details.

Top the day off with a dinner out so that she can show off her new look in public.


Some women love shopping for clothes, shoes, and accessories. Take her by the hand for a day at her favorite stores where she can pick her own outfit out. Let her get a new pair of shoes, and surprise her with some earrings, or a new necklace.

The idea is to treat her like a queen without her feeling put upon or that any of it is required. The more spontaneous the shopping trip, the more she will love trying on all the clothes and asking your opinion. Don’t forget to hold her purse and don’t complain.

Words and Flowers

Sometimes, the most thoughtful gifts cost the least. Flowers are always a safe but (unless she is allergic). If you know her favorites, find a bouquet and have it sent to her. If you don’t know her favorites, ask her. Or at least find ones that are in her favorite color.

For the cost of a few sheets of paper, you can give her something she longs for every day of the year: your words.

You don’t need to be a poet or master novelist. Sit down with a pen and a pad of paper and write a letter to her. Handwritten letters are still the main cause of spontaneous, joyful tears ever. Remind her how you felt the first time you saw her. Tell her why you love her, not just that you do.

The letter should focus on her, be for her but also about her. Tell her things you have always wanted to say and never knew how. Don’t worry about the right words. If you mean them, they are all the right words.


If you are stuck for ideas, there are always events happening nearby that you can attend. Operas, ballets, and other cliché settings will work. But you know your wife. A comedy club, a night out dancing, or even a day on a boat fishing or whale watching could also work well.

Make a plan and don’t forget to include her in the details. It is a day to celebrate your wife, but unless she absolutely loves surprises and is up for anything, it is best to keep her in the loop. Listen to her concerns or advice, and if she makes a choice, add it and stick with it.

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In Conclusion

Wife Appreciation Day is a day to celebrate the love of your life. You can, but don’t have to be, fancy about the whole ordeal. The key is to show her that she holds your heart and that you love every minute of it.

Take the time to spoil her, treat her to something new or to relive a magical moment from your past. There isn’t a right way, nor is there a wrong way. As long as every moment is about her and geared towards showing her that you care, appreciate and love her, nothing else really matters.

Take her shopping, or try out the new restaurant she has been hinting at for the last three months. Give her a day of spoils, along with a new hairstyle, a massage or something more intimate and romantic.

Share the day with her to remind her that you love her the other days of the year. No matter how you handle it, make sure your wife realizes you fall in love with her all over again, every day.