A calendar is used to keep up with important dates and related information. They typically include days of the week, week numbering, months, public holidays and clock changes. Printed calendars often contain additional information pertinent to the person using it. They can be used to keep track of all kinds of things like appointments, birthdays and anniversaries. While many people seem glued to electronics these days, here we'll discuss the positives of having a paper calendar and how to start Fall season right by creating a September 2019 calendar.

How Long Have People Used Paper Calendars?

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Different forms of calendars go back as far as we know. There are ancient documents and inscriptions from places like Rome and China that include dates and are considered early versions of calendars. The calendar evolved into things like almanacs which contained information on cultural, religious, astronomical, and meteorological events. There was also the Practica that gave astrological predictions for the future year, and diaries for personal use. Noting things like sunrise and moonrise helped tell time before clocks existed.

Do We Really Need Calendars Now That We Have Smartphones?

Yes! Print your September 2019 calendar today! Here we will discuss some of the important reasons to consider using a paper planner.


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Handwritten calendars are simple to use, tangible, and you don't need to have your smartphone or any other electronic device to use it. This also means you won't need to use a charger and therefore won't have any issues if you forget to charge or any batteries die. Paper calendars can also be posted in convenient locations and help you focus on things, whereas if you have a calendar on your smartphone you'd have to open an app.


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You may get notifications on a smartphone but all the dinging and buzzing isn't always appropriate in all situations.


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Sometimes all the dinging and buzzing noises can be mistaken for other things like incoming text messages or emails, letting your task or event go unnoticed. Missing something like a meeting with a boss can make you look irresponsible.


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There's also a factor of creativity that goes into a planner. The same standard outline doesn't necessarily work for everyone, and if you give someone a pen and paper, it gives them the freedom they need to create a properly working system tailored to their brains. You can even choose to add color, pictures, and symbols to give your planner an extra pop.

Time Saver

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Then there's the idea of how much less work scribbling “meeting @ 3:00” is as opposed to pulling out your device, opening up an app, taping a button to create a memo, changing the date and time, and typing in your meeting. That may not seem like a lot of work to some, but others that are trying to pick up their belongings and go on their way may disagree.

Different Types of Printable Calendar

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Daily Planner

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You can create a template so you have an entire sheet dedicated to each day. This will give you the opportunity to write close to a whole page's worth of appointments or any other necessary notes.

3-Day Planner

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This will show you a span of three days at a time so you can have some extra room for notes and still see upcoming events.

Weekly Planner

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This will show you a whole week at a time. There's still a decent amount of room to take notes, but not as much as the daily or 3-day planner.

Bi-Weekly Planner

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This planner will show you 2 weeks at a time. It will give you half the amount of space for notes as the weekly planner.

Monthly Planner

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This planner shows you an entire month at a time. This is good for short or small notes as it is usually comprised of relatively small boxes.

Yearly Planner

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This planner will show you a full year at once. This is great for looking up dates and days of the week; however, there is very limited room to write. If you wanted to take a simple route, you could use symbols and various colors to show important days throughout the year. For example, you could use the September 2019 calendar portion to color a red apple to symbolize the first day of school.

Ideas For Using a September 2019 Calendar

Running Meetings

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You can use an agenda or list type calendar and add all items you want to discuss as different events. This will help you stay organized and make sure you address all necessary content in an orderly manner.

Planning a Family Vacation

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Try printing a calendar that contains the dates of your vacation. Sit down and gather everyone who's attending and plan all of your activities together. This way, everyone will know what to expect and it will help get everyone excited for vacation!

Keeping a Food Journal

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Many people find that tracking their food throughout the day helps them make healthier choices. You can choose a calendar with places for categories and you can enter snacks, meals, calories, fat, sugar, eating times and any other necessary categories.

Creating a Reading Journal

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A very simple monthly printout would work well for a reading journal. You can track pages read per day or how many minutes of reading done a day. You could also print a weekly calendar to take notes on what you've read if you feel it would be helpful. This is a great motivator for children and adults alike.

Building a Training Schedule

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Maybe you're getting ready for a marathon, a triathlon or any other athletic event. You can use a printed calendar to write out your training plan and even edit as needed.

Capturing Special Moments and Highlights

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You could use a printed calendar and write down special things that happened each day. You can also include your family and ask them for any highlights of their days. This would be so fun and special to look back on later in life.

Keeping Track of Birthdays

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It's so embarrassing to forget a friend or family member's birthday! Try printing out a blank yearly calendar and write down everyone's birthday for a simple reference. You can also add other special celebrations such as anniversaries. You can try using highlighters to make the important days really stand out.

Working on Group Projects

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You could use a calendar to track milestones and who should work on which tasks. Once filled up, print enough out for the group so everyone is crystal clear and they can even cross tasks off as they complete them and share their progress at a later time.

Creating an Editorial Calendar

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Printed monthly calendars could be your best friend when making an editorial calendar. You can set post types and/or themes for each day or each week that you publish. You can then use this as a reference for the editorial calendar you created as you plan out specific posts.

Keeping Track of Your Habits

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You'll want to consider what habits you're tracking to figure out if a blank monthly or weekly calendar would be best. If you have a lot of information to jot down, for example tracking what you eat, you may consider a weekly calendar so you have enough space. If it's a habit that doesn't require a lot of space such as how often you brush your teeth, that could easily fit into a blank monthly planner. Another thing to think about is where to put your calendar. It's best in an obvious place where you'll remember to track your habits. This means the kitchen would be a great choice for tracking food, whereas the bathroom would be a good idea for how many times a day you brush your teeth.

How to Find the Right September 2019 Calendar

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There are countless free templates of blank calendars online. You can choose the right September 2019 calendar by thinking about your needs. Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • What do I want to use it for?
  • Do I need multiple calendars?
  • How many days do I prefer to see at once?
  • How much room do I need for extra notes?
  • Do I want a blank canvas?
  • Do I want lines to write on?
  • Do I want times listed?

By answering these questions, you should have a good idea on how to find the right September 2019 calendar. If you try something that doesn't work, all you have to do is take the thing that doesn't work and change it into something that will work. You may even want to create your own calendar from scratch using computer programs that will help guide you such as Microsoft Excel.


There are a lot of positives when considering using a paper planner. It gives you so much freedom and flexibility. It can be easier to track and view upcoming events, and it's a quick way to jot down really important things. Download or create your September 2019 calendar today and get started organizing your life on paper!