Random Acts of Kindness are just what they sound like. You do something kind without a plan, for someone that isn’t expecting it. These acts of kindness have become more and more popular the last few years.

Unfortunately, there are also people out in the world that aren’t even kind one day out of the year. For them, celebrating National Random Acts of Kindness Day might help them find more joy in life.

Only Day a Year for Acts of Kindness?

Performing acts of kindness is so popular that it’s been made into a National Holiday. Random Acts of Kindness Day, in the US, is celebrated each year on February 17. It was originated in New Zealand, but they celebrate it on September 1st.

Holiday or not, you can do an act of kindness anytime you want. So, if you missed out on the holiday this year, why not do something kind for someone else right now.

Random acts of kindness don’t have to be just things you do for people. Learn to do kind things for animals and for the Earth too.

Random Acts of Kindness Ideas

Not sure what to do to be kind to someone else. There are endless possibilities. There are things you can do for people you know, for strangers, or for the next person that comes along behind you.

Here are some random acts to consider:

  1. Pay for another diner’s meal at a restaurant.
  2. Leave a quarter or two on the washer at the laundromat for the next person.
  3. Hold a door open, even if the person’s hands aren’t full.
  4. Leave a bookmark in the books you return to your Little Library.
  5. Pay off a random strangers layaway during the holiday season.
  6. Send a random surprise in the mail to a friend or family member, for no reason.
  7. Volunteer your time to a good cause.
  8. Donate your income taxes to a good cause.
  9. Fund some crowdfunding campaigns, even if you don’t know the people.
  10. Make your spouse, roommate, or family member breakfast in bed for no reason.
  11. Spend time at a homeless shelter.
  12. Donate food and your hands to a food kitchen.
  13. Pick up trash when you go for a walk, even if it isn’t yours.
  14. Donate your Christmas/birthday gifts to a homeless shelter.
  15. Shovel the snow in your neighbor’s driveway.
  16. Rescue a stray cat.
  17. Help a turtle cross the street.
  18. Plant a tree.
  19. Clean the leaves off the graves around your family member’s marker.
  20. Leave flowers at a grave that doesn’t seem to get any visitors.
  21. Pay for the next person in line at the coffee shop.
  22. Pay for the next person in line at the grocery store.
  23. Pay for the next person in line at the fast food restaurant.
  24. Give your change to a panhandler (if it’s legal in your area).
  25. Drop a couple bucks in the guitar case of a busking musician.
  26. Leave a tip for the performer at the restaurant you dined at.
  27. Buy some merch from the band you just saw at the local concert venue.
  28. Participate in a silent auction.
  29. Donate to a local fundraiser.
  30. Buy Girl Scout cookies, even if you give them to someone else.
  31. Leave a few bucks in the pocket of the jacket you donate to the thrift store.
  32. Donate stuff to someone who lost their home or belongings.
  33. Clean the house for your parents when they didn’t even ask you to.
  34. Let someone know you’re grateful for them.
  35. Say something kind to a friend online.
  36. Bring donuts to work for everyone.
  37. Create some small art and leave it laying around the downtown area of your town.
  38. Donate something to a charity auction.
  39. Volunteer to babysit for a friend that really needs a night off.
  40. Invite a friend with no family to join you for holiday celebrations with your family.
  41. Buy a friend’s book, CD, artwork, or other creation.
  42. When you have something you no longer need, offer it online free to your friends before taking it in for donation.
  43. Check on your elderly neighbors.
  44. Tip your waiter more than usual for excellent service.
  45. Donate your refundable cans to a can drive instead of taking them in for the cash.

When was the last time you did something kind for another person? When was the last time you performed an act of kindness without expecting something in return? That’s the key to Random Acts of Kindness- you need to do them because you want to, not because you expect anything in return (even a Thank You).

Celebrate acts of kindness daily, it’ll make your heart happy.