Summon your courage, open your costume box, and get ready to light up the night with your creativity. It's October, one of the most creatively engaging times of the year. It's also a great time to witness some natural beauty, find your way into some amazing harvest festivals, and maybe get into a stylish sweater or two. During this exploration of the October 2019 calendar, we'll give you some background on this fabulous month of the year, go through some of the major holidays, and unearth all things Halloween.

Different cultures relate to this time of year differently depending on how they've evolved. But throughout the ages, the beginning of fall has been met with celebrations of community, agriculture, and respect for our deceased ancestors. In the USA, October is also the start of a new season of network television programming, the second or third month of the school year, and a time where the days are starting to get more noticeably shorter.

What's Special on the October 2019 Calendar

While it may not have as busy of a holiday schedule as months like December or March, October still has its share of notable occasions. The most popular, of course, is All Hallows' Eve, known as Halloween today. The good news here is that if the year has been racing by you and you're reminded of the infamous costumed holiday on October 1st, don't worry. You'll have the whole rest of the month to prepare for it.

The First Day of October

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As we pick apart the days of the October 2019 calendar, it's worth mentioning that a great number of new holidays have cropped up in this month. One of the most popular of these happens on October 1st, and it's called World Coffee Day. The other international holiday of note is a holiday honoring the elderly. Along with these two, October 1st also celebrates vegetarianism and baking homemade cookies. Seriously yummy.

October 2nd and Onward

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As October continues, we have National Kale Day on the second, National Smile Day on the 4th, and World Teacher's Day on the 5th. Now there are some worthy honorees right there. If you're thinking about celebrating any of these, it may help to use symbols on your October 2019 calendar. Perhaps you could draw an apple on World Teacher's Day or a smiley face on National Smile Day.

Oktoberfest Action

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Though the official German celebration of Oktoberfest may end on October 6th, many breweries in the USA are just starting their festivities. Even if you don't partake, there are many fun related events and activities you can participate in that have roots in the German tradition. Some other fun holidays that happen on or around the 6th are Mad Hatter Day, Bald and Free Day (a celebration of the shaved head), and American Touch Tag Day. The last one is a great excuse for a pick-up game.

Yom Kippur

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This is the holiest day of the year in Judaism. It centers around atonement, and there are several other practices that are observed. Those in observance do not eat or drink. Also, wearing leather shoes, bathing or showering, and wearing oils, lotions, or perfumes is also forbidden. The emphasis on this Jewish holy day is to be in continual prayer and to be mindful of what you've done wrong. Then in this process of prayer, one asks forgiveness from the higher power or God.

The Quirky Holidays: October 9th-20th

As we continue with the special days on the October 2019 calendar, we first have Take Your Teddy Bear to Work Day on the 9th, though we've seen this happen on other days of the year too. We also have some foodie holidays in the mid-month, which include National Gumbo Day on the 12th, National Pasta Day on the 17th, and National Brandied Candy day on the 20th. Also before we leave middle days behind, it's worth mentioning that October 19th is Evaluate Your Life Day. So if you've been putting off giving your life a good looking at, this day is your day.

Columbus Day

Another day in the mid-month of the October 2019 calendar is Columbus Day on the 14th. We're only mentioning it briefly because these days it has become a tad controversial. In many circles, there is a push to rename it "Indigenous Peoples Day" because it is thought that putting the emphasis on a "discoverer" or someone who "claimed" the new world does not do justice to the civilizations that were already here. That said, the true history of Columbus Day is fascinating, though we don't have the space to fully dive into it here.

Countdown to the End of October

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In the last third of the month, we have a slew of special days that lead up to Halloween. These are especially spooky in the days leading up to the 31st. But to start with, we have National Nut Day on the 22nd, a day for honoring the nuts (people?) in your life. Also more officially, the 24th is United Nations Day, dedicated to all of those working for this global ambassadorial conference. Then comes Make a Difference Day on the 26th along with Navy Day on the 27th. Finally right before Halloween happens, we have National Frankenstein Day on the 29th followed by National Candy Corn Day/Mischief Night on the 30th.

Preparing for Halloween

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Did we mention that at the end of the October 2019 calendar comes Mischief Night? This is a way that many prepare for the end of the month. Most likely this isn't you, but every year, hundreds of arrests are made on the night of October 30th because of the misdeeds that people (mostly youth) engage in. In any case, be sure to be safe on this evening.

Getting Ready for Halloween Night

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How can you get ready to celebrate Halloween? Well, maybe you've been putting together your costume for weeks. Or you could be in line at the local costume store, getting a couple of stickers to put on your face, and calling it an evening. No matter which option you go with though, there's always a way to get creative with your Halloween choices.

The Low Budget Costume

This goes beyond cutting two eyeholes in a sheet and becoming a ghost. Why not put a top hat on that sheet and become the ghost of Abraham Lincoln? Or Put a baseball cap on and go as the ghost of Babe Ruth. Once you start wrapping your mind around some simple costume ideas that you can then personalize, the low budget option becomes much more feasible and fun!

Silly Wordplay

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This is where your costume makes a splash by causing people to groan over your punny sense of humor. This can be as simple as putting some animal masks on at the party (party animals) or as complex as wearing paper cutouts of avocados with a halo above your head (holy guacamole). It's easy to look these up, or you could always come up with some yourself.

Where the Party's At

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Another great thing about Halloween? Plenty of costume parties to go to. If your festive schedule is especially busy, you could even pick a different costume for each party that you go to. So before you forego dressing up because you think it's just for young kids that "trick or treat," remember that there's a party happening somewhere that's just begging you to get creative and dress up.

Dia de Muertos

Another popular holiday on the October 2019 calendar that begins on the 31st and ends on November 2 is celebrated throughout Mexico and Latin America. If you celebrate yourself, or if you've seen the movie Coco, you'll know all about this one. It's a series of days when the living build special altars to deceased ancestors. These families are mystically "inviting the dead" back into their homes during this special time of year. If you've never checked out a Dia de Muertos celebration, it may be time.

Make Your October Calendar Festive

As mentioned earlier, it's easy to trick out your October 2019 calendar with symbols, festive markers to write with, and stickers that indicate the special things happening on a particular day. It may also be in your interest to have some fun with the month's spookier overtones. You could write secret messages and events on your calendar with invisible ink. Or perhaps you could make notches in a pumpkin as you slowly carve it over the course of the month. Your options are only as limited as your imagination.


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Now that you have some of the tools you need to plan out your October 2019 Calendar, be sure to make room for events where you can see the stranger sides of people's personalities. This might mean that the responsibility is on you to organize that costume party. Not to worry. Having a downloadable/printable calendar in hand will make all of this planning easier. Stay spooky, my friend!