Time is flying by faster than ever, and if you don't organize it, it will pass you by. While it's popular to use an electronic calendar to give you reminders about appointments or meetings, nothing can beat the benefits and versatility of a printed calendar. Use your November 2019 Calendar to make sure you don't get swept up in the holiday season and miss out on enjoying it!

A free, printable calendar allows you to plan your schedule and see your month at a glance. You can certainly replace your phone calendar, but we recommend it as a complimentary tool that provides more versatility and visibility than the calendar in your pocket - and all without added expense of buying something you could make for free.

How Do I Make My Own Printable November 2019 Calendar?

We love printable calendars! You can use one of our free, printable templates or make one of your own. To make your own, follow these simple steps:

How to Make a Calendar in Word Using Templates

If you want to lean on the powerhouse of Microsoft Word, you can let them do the heavy lifting and use a calendar template they provide. They offer a wide variety of templates, and you're likely to find one that works for your needs. Here's how to do it:

  1. Open Microsoft Word
  2. You will see a search bar (white rectangle you can write in) that allows you to search through Microsoft's templates to find a calendar. Search for "calendar" and press enter. If nothing shows up, double check your connection to the internet.
  3. After you press enter, you will see a collection of calendars to choose from. Choose the one that looks most attractive and useful to you!
  4. After you select your preferred calendar, follow the prompts to download it and then click "create" to customize it for your own needs.

How to Make a November 2019 Calendar in Word From Scratch

If you have a specific look in mind or want to make sure that your calendar fits within an existing document, you can create a calendar from scratch. To do that, follow the steps below to insert your November 2019 Calendar into an existing document.

  1. Open the document you want to include the calendar in. This may be a new or existing document.
  2. Click on "Insert".
  3. Choose "Table" and then use your mouse to hover over "Quick Tables." A menu should pop up allowing you to choose which monthly calendar you want for your document.
  4. Select and insert the calendar that works best for you. You can then customize the font, colors, etc. to meet your specific preferences.

Can I Download a November 2019 Calendar?

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If you don't feel the need to customize your calendar or don't have a program like Word to create or edit your own, download one of ours! Our November 2019 calendars are free and ready for you to download, print out and hang in your kitchen or office.

The JPG & PDF formats are easy to work with. We won't bog you down with an unusual file type that will cause you to struggle to find the right program to open it with. We keep everything simple for you so you can focus on what matters!

Speaking of simplicity, our calendars are 8.5x11, the size of a normal piece of paper. You can print your calendar out on any normal printer with regular printer paper.

Why Do I Need Printable November 2019 Calendar?

In our age of technology, you may wonder why you need a printable November 2019 Calendar at all.

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We like printable calendars because they allow users to see their month at a glance. This is especially helpful for planning events that have lots of components leading up to it: like Thanksgiving! Printable calendars also lend themselves to more creative uses, like tracking goals or making countdown sheets, that are difficult to do on a digital calendar.

Plus, as opposed to buying a complete paper calendar, using the free printable calendars allows you to try a few drafts of your schedule or goal tracking before you decide on which one to stick with. When you're ready, print out a new draft and you have a clean slate for your fresh new month!

Creative Ways to Use your November 2019 Calendar

Tracking Goals

Printable calendars aren't just for scheduling! Many successful people use paper calendars to track goals or develop new habits. Unlike on a digital calendar, paper calendars allow for the visceral reaction of crossing a day off. You can give yourself a big check mark or smiley face when you accomplish a goal for a day. Some ideas might be to give yourself a check mark every time you:

  • Drink enough water for the day
  • Exercise
  • Say a kind word to a friend of family member
  • Eat healthy food
  • Hit your step goal
  • Wake up without hitting the snooze
  • Staying within your budget

Whatever goal you're working toward, marking off your accomplishments a paper November 2019 calendar will help you to see your progress and get you excited about not breaking your streak!

Counting Down

Most of us remember having a countdown to a big event, be it Christmas, the end of school, or a birthday. If you have children in the house, you could use your calendar to countdown to a special day.

Involving your kids helps them to learn how calendars work and might even give them a heightened appreciation for times, the rhythms of the week, and the joy of looking forward to something.

Depending on how you use your calendar to count down to a special occasion, it could also be a daily math lesson for the little ones in your house. If you are looking forward to Thanksgiving on November 28th, and it is November 13th, how many more days is that?

November 2019, the Beginning of the Holiday Season

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November officially kicks off the holiday season! Most people have time off from work and are looking forward to a fresh start with the new year. November promises good food, cozy weather, and pleasant time with family.

But there's a possibility on missing out that all November offers if you don't intentionally plan out your schedule.

Holidays to Put on Your November 2019 Calendar

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No November calendar 2019 would be complete without the holidays that mark the beginning of the holiday season. Include the holidays that apply to you:

  • November 3 - Daylight Saving
  • November 11 - Veterans' Day
  • November 28 - Thanksgiving
  • November 29 - Black Friday

Non-Holidays to Put on Your November 2019 Calendar

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Almost as important, though, is the inclusion of NON-holidays on your November calendar. Write down the time commitments that make the main event fun and even peaceful. If you block out time for eating but not time for shopping or cooking, Thanksgiving might be a scramble to the table.

Here are some ideas of occasions to put on your November 2019 Calendar. If you give them a specific time and stick to it, your whole month is likely to go more smoothly.

  • Clean up from Halloween (decorations, put costumes away, etc.)
  • Change your clocks to Daylight Savings Day
  • Write a thank-you letter to a Veteran for Veterans' Day
  • Start meal planning for Thanksgiving
  • Cleaning day to prepare for any guests
  • Packing day to prepare for any travel
  • Grocery shopping day for nonperishable food items (if you do this one early, you won't need to worry about your grocery store running out of pureed pumpkin!)
  • Grocery shopping for perishable food items (to be completed closer to Thanksgiving)
  • Cooking day

  • Cleaning day to recover from hosting a party or guests
  • Begin making a gift shopping list
  • Begin shopping for the December holidays

How Can a November 2019 Calendar Help Me Stay Organized?

Calendars absolutely help you stay organized! In addition to helping you schedule and manage your potentially hectic holiday schedule, they also can help you recognize the breaks in that schedule.

Once you add in all of your events and preparation for your events, take a few moments to look for and preserve the gaps.

Unlike digital calendars, you can color code whole days on your calendar to represent "rest" days. Find a few gaps in your schedule and do everything you can to preserve them. Color them blue and don't agree to any new commitments on those days! Life doesn't just happen with the big, scheduled events; it also happens in the gaps, so don't let those gaps pass you by without notice.

By scheduling the big events, the preparation/recovery for the big events, and then also the gap time, you will feel more organized and more at peace. You will never need to wonder what you should be doing to get everything done, you can glance at your paper calendar and know what you should be doing - even if what you "should" be doing is taking a break.


Your November 2019 Calendar may end up being one of your best friends this holiday season. Create or download your own to day to get a jump start on the holidays and stay in control of your own schedule this holiday season.

As the old saying goes, "Failing to plan is planning to fail." If you use your November 2019 Calendar to help you plan your month, your November is sure to be a success!