The evolution of the smartphone has made portable cameras accessible to nearly everyone. One of the most popular trends that has emerged as a result is the selfie. The selfie has grown so large, in fact, that there is now a holiday to honor the trend. While it may sound ridiculous to some, National Selfie Day has grown into a nationwide phenomenon.

The History of National Selfie Day

Around the nation, Americans celebrate National Selfie Day on June 21 each year. DJ Rick McNeely from the Fishbowl Radio Network created the holiday in 2014. The holiday was born in Arlington, Texas but spread quickly nationwide. In fact, the holiday’s website claims that in 2017, National Selfie Day went viral.

The goal of the holiday was to encourage people to take a photo creatively, allowing individuals to express themselves. Since then, DJ Rick has helped grow the holiday into something much more. Now, the holiday supports local charities in the Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas areas. The website supports contributions to help their cause.

More than anything, McNeely has said that he wants people to “have fun” with the day while celebrating with their friends and family. He encourages people not only to donate but to upload their selfies to the holiday’s Facebook page as well. There, you’ll not only see your selfie but selfies from other people around the world as well.

Celebrities Celebrate the Holiday

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As mentioned, 2017 was the year in which National Selfie Day went viral. It was no surprise to see that in 2018, stars got on board as well. On June 21, hundreds of celebrities posted their best selfie onto their social media accounts. As you’ll see in this link from the Los Angeles Times, some of the most stars who participated included:

  • ​Ellen DeGeneres
  • ​Jimmy Kimmel
  • ​The Muppets
  • ​NASA, complete with planet Earth in the background

With so many members of the national spotlight embracing the day, it would be no surprise to see it grow even more in years to come. If you have not celebrated the holiday in the past, next year may be the best time to do so! Next year, join in with hundreds of thousands of other Americans who choose to celebrate National Selfie Day on June 21.

How to Celebrate National Selfie Day

If you’re looking to celebrate the holiday next year, you’ll find a few recommendations on how to do so below. We hope that choosing from this list will leave you fulfilled and as though you’ve thoroughly honored the holiday. However, if you have a different method of celebrating that you do not see on the list, we encourage you to share it with our other readers in the comments section below.

Share Your Selfie on Social Media

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One of the best, and easiest, ways to celebrate the holiday is by taking a selfie and sharing it on social media. When doing so, be sure to include the hashtag #NationalSelfieDay to ensure your photo show up alongside the thousands of other posts from the day. No matter if you want to do something crazy or a basic picture of yourself smiling, the most important thing is that you post something!

Some users prefer to post one picture, while others prefer to post themselves doing different activities throughout the day. Regardless, it’s crucial to remember that the day is about you! No matter what you see fit, the opportunity exists for you to express yourself and allow your best self to shine free when celebrating the holiday on June 21.

Share The Selfies That You Take with Others

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Another one of the best ways to celebrate the holiday is in the company of others. Whether it’s friends, family, coworkers, neighbors, or even your pets, squeeze as many people as you can into the picture frame so that you can snap a picture together. And remember, don’t forget to take just one! Take multiple photographs and distribute them to those you know.

Charitable Efforts

A growing part of the holiday is philanthropic efforts, such as giving away food, water, clothes, and canned food to those less fortunate. If you’re feeling incredibly ambitious, you can travel to Fort Worth, Texas to participate in charitable efforts put on by DJ Rick himself. Be sure to check the holiday’s website beforehand to learn about that year’s charity events.

If you would prefer not to travel to Texas, you can look up events in your area. A simple internet search could yield results in your neighborhood. And remember, when you’re practicing your do-good efforts, be sure to take a selfie with a massive smile on your face! While in the spirit of helping others, odds are you’ll be delighted.

Look Up Deals at Local Restaurants

Many restaurants offer deals on the holiday if you tag them in your #NationalSelfieDay post, or perhaps take the picture while dining in their restaurant. If you do, you may receive a special offer, such as 50% off an appetizer. We recommend doing research beforehand to confirm which restaurants may be offering deals on the day.

Additionally, if you have a favorite local restaurant that is not offering a deal on the day, reach out to the restaurant’s management team. Some managers may be willing to celebrate the holiday, especially if it means you’ll bring a large group of people into the establishment. Work with them to come up with a promotion to help celebrate Selfie Day while enjoying your favorite food and beverages.  

Selfie Day Radio Broadcast

Each year, in addition to charitable events, DJ Rick also has hosts a Selfie Day Radio Broadcast at the Fish Bowl Radio Network. The event has grown bigger each year. If you are especially passionate about the holiday, attending this event could be an excellent way to share your passion with those who are equally as enthusiastic about the day. Consider booking a flight down to Arlington next June 21.

Browse The Photo Apps On Your Phone

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In years past, mobile photo apps have given deals to help commemorate the day. For example, FaceTune is a mobile app that many people use to take selfies, as it’s easy to alter your pictures. Last year, the app offered three people $100 worth of cosmetics from Tarte. To gain access to the deal, users needed to post #Facetune2 in addition to #NationalSelfieDay when posting their pictures.

Visit Your Local McDonald’s

Although McDonald’s did not offer free food on Selfie Day last year, they did provide a tool that helped people take better selfies. Known as the Frylus, the device allowed users to take photos without having to touch their phone screens. This means that you can still take pictures, even after eating a greasy burger.

Last year, the restaurant gave out the Frylus at over 2,000 locations. It’s unclear whether McDonald’s will again participate in Selfie Day celebrations next year, but we’re willing to bet that they may be based on how successful the promotion was last year. The promo proved to be a creative way for McDonald’s to enter themselves into the day’s conversation.

Purchase a Selfie Stick

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If you’re looking to take your selfie game to the next level, consider purchasing a selfie stick to celebrate the holiday next year. Although selfie sticks are compatible with most cell phones, we recommend ensuring that your phone and the selfie stick will work correctly. The selfie stick can increase the portrait size of your photo, allowing you to squeeze even more picture or background into the frame.

Perfect Your Selfie Skills

Instead of aimlessly snapping pictures of yourself, you should take the holiday to help improve your craft. Perhaps read a book on photography or take a class to learn about the aspects that go into your photo’s composition. Expanding your knowledge of photography could help you make better pictures than you could have ever imagined. Similarly, feel free to experiment with different filters.

Look Back at Past Photos

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If this is not your first time celebrating Selfie Day, be sure to look back on photographs of the past. Doing so can bring about laughs, smiles, and perhaps even tears. It could also put you back in contact with people with who you’ve fallen out of touch. There’s no better way to put yourself in the holiday spirit than by reminiscing about past celebrations.

Enjoy a Bowl of Lucky Charms

Yes, eating the cereal that’s “Magically Delicious” could turn your day even more special. Although you must buy the box of cereal, you could be in for impressive winnings if you take a selfie of yourself while eating the food. If you take one that the company enjoys, you could find yourself on the next box of Lucky Charms. Be sure to add #LuckyCharmsSelfie to your social media post.

Send a Selfie to Conoco

Conoco is a gas station well-known throughout the United States. Although you may not think of them when it comes to Selfie Day, they held a promotion last year that proved to be very fun. If you sent them a selfie via Twitter, a caricature artist then sketched the photo. This would be an especially fun way to have fun with your selfie.  

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