Pigs are fascinating animals. Did you know that a newborn pig only weighs about 2.5 pounds but that an adult pig can weigh as much as 700 pounds? There is so much to learn about these animals, and national pig day is the perfect opportunity to do so.

When Is National Pig Day?


National pig day is an unofficial holiday that falls on March 1st every year. This tradition started in 1972 when two sisters decided to create a holiday to honor this animal.

Ellen Stanley was a school teacher in Lubbock, TX, while her sister Mary Lynne Rave lived in Beaufort, NC. The two sisters wanted to create a special day for an animal they felt didn’t get the recognition it deserves.

This holiday is popular among farmers and many preschool teachers plan some educational activities linked to farm animals on March 1st. You can also celebrate this holiday at home, or spend the day at a nearby farm or zoo.

Why Celebrate National Pig Day?

How much do you know about pigs? Most people see pigs as farm animals, but these animals are smarter than a three-year-old. A pig could probably outrun you since these animals can run a mile in fewer than seven minutes.

Pigs have some remarkable abilities. Even though their eyesight is not good, some of these animals can be trained to find truffles thanks to their amazing sense of smell.

Pigs are an important source of food. Did you know that the average American eats 27 pigs in their lifetime?

Even though national pig day isn’t a mainstream holiday, planning an activity linked to farm animals could be fun. You could decide to try a new recipe, plan some educational activities for your children, or go to a local zoo as a family.

Where To Celebrate National Pig Day

National Pig Day on Beach

National pig day is typically celebrated by schools, zoos, farms, and some museums. Your child’s school might have an educational program planned for pig day.

Don’t hesitate to bring up this holiday ahead of time to see if your child’s teacher has planned anything. You could volunteer to help plan some educational activities for national pig day or bring in some supplies so the children can complete a crafts project.

There are no annual events linked to national pig day, but in the past, zoos and museums have offered educational events on March 1st. Others have organized pig parades and other events to celebrate these animals. Local restaurants that specialize in BBQ and pulled pork might also offer specials to celebrate this holiday.

If you can’t find a local event, try to visit a farm or a petting zoo so you can see some pigs on this special day.

How To Celebrate National Pig Day


There are no customs and traditions linked to national pig day. It is up to you to decide on how you would like to honor these animals. Here are a few ideas.

Find A Place Where You Can See Some Pigs

Is there a pig farm in your area? This place might offer some guided tours. This could be an occasion to see some pigs, try some organic food, and learn more about agriculture and farm animals.

Not every zoo has domestic pigs, but some places have a farm exhibit or a petting zoo. Even if your local zoo doesn’t offer a special program for national pig day, petting some pigs at a farm exhibit will still be a great way to celebrate this holiday.

You can also see farm animals at fairs. Most state fairs are held during the summer, but there might be a smaller event in your area where you will get to see some farm animals. Nature centers and historical villages might also organize events for national pig day or simply have some farm animals you can get close to.

Seeing some pigs in person is probably the best way to celebrate this holiday. This is something your children will enjoy and remember!

Educational Games

peppa pig game

There are plenty of educational games that involve pigs and other farm animals. If your child’s school celebrates national pig day, ask about the program ahead of time so you can offer additional educational games and activities at home. Make sure the games and activities are suitable for your child’s age.

If your child is interested in nature and animals, they are going to love reading about pigs and putting together some trivia questions about these animals.

Younger children will enjoy educational games where they learn to match farm animals with the sounds they make. You could also teach your child how to write the names of different farm animals.

If your child has a playset with farm animals, use these toys to create math games where your child has to count the animals and put them in categories.

A pig-themed boardgame would be another fun way to celebrate this holiday with your children.

Creative Activities

Your imagination’s the limit when it comes to creative activities for national pig day. You could have your child draw some pigs and other farm animals. Younger children will probably enjoy coloring pages with pigs.

You could also plan some fun DIY activities. Your child can create a cardboard pig with some supplies such as cotton balls and paper towel rolls.

If you have a young child, create a cardboard cutout of a pig and have your child decorate it with stickers and other supplies.

Food-Related Activities For National Pig Day

Should you eat pork to celebrate this holiday? This is entirely up to you. Eating some bacon or a pulled pork sandwich is a great way to celebrate this animal, but you can choose to celebrate differently and make an effort not to eat any pork on March 1st.

If you decide to celebrate by eating pork, there are plenty of ideas to explore. Try to do something out of the ordinary to make this day special. Here are a few ideas:

  • Try a new BBQ restaurant or a BBQ food truck.
  • Get an entire pig and roast it.
  • Fire up your grill and make some seasoned pork chops.
  • Make some homemade sausage.
  • Prepare some glazed ribs.
  • Make ham or BLT sandwiches if you are pressed for time.
  • Bake some pork pies.
  • There are plenty of slow cooker recipes to explore, including stews, soups, and pulled pork recipes.
  • Make some glazed tenderloins.
  • Eat some pork tacos.

National pig day is the occasion to try a new way to eat pork or to revisit an old favorite.

If you decide not to eat any pork on March 1st, try making your favorite pork recipe and substitute the meat with chicken or fish. You could also explore vegetarian dishes.

You can honor pigs without eating any pork on March 1st by making pig’s ear pastries. These fried pecan pastries are fun to make and look like pig’s ears.

Other Ways To Celebrate Pig National Day

There are plenty of fictional pigs that will make national pig day even better. Your child is going to love watching a movie or a show about a fictional pig on this special day.

The three little pigs is probably one of your child’s favorite bedtime stories. Tell this story again, and explore crafts and games linked to this story.

If your child is old enough, national pig day is the perfect occasion to discover E.B. White’s classic book Charlotte’s Web. If your child is already familiar with this book, they could watch the animated version or the live action movie based on the book.

If you want to have a family movie night on national pig day, the 1990s movies Babe and Gordy both featured pigs as their main characters.

There are plenty of other options to explore if your child loves fictional pigs:

  • Winnie The Pooh cartoons would be a good choice since Piglet is a pig.
  • You can watch Looney Tunes cartoons with Porky Pig.
  • Any of the Muppets episodes or movies would be appropriate since Miss Piggy is one of the most recognizable fictional pigs.
  • National pig day is the perfect day for a Peppa Pig marathon.

You can keep your child busy with some coloring pages of any of these fictional characters or find books with these characters if you want to limit your child’s screen time.

Celebrate National Pig Day On March 1st

Next year will be the Year of the Pig in the Chinese zodiac. March 1st, 2019 will be the perfect occasion to celebrate national pig day!

In the Chinese zodiac, the pig is associated with wealth. Next year will be the year of the Earth Pig, which is associated with good communication skills and popularity.

National pig day is a fun holiday regardless of how you choose to celebrate this special day. This could be the opportunity to learn more about these farm animals or to try some new pork recipes. Look for local events on March 1st and don’t forget to mark your calendar!