National Goof Off Day is on March 22. Not quite sure how to celebrate? Check out our suggestions—with silliness turned up to the extreme.

While there are benefits to being solemn, too much of that isn't good for everyone. We all need time to relax, but some of us have a hard time justifying doing that. In a world where people are always rushing to get things done, there's a need for taking a breather. National Goof Off Day is here to provide the perfect excuse to do just that. So mark your calendars for March 22 and get ready to go wild!

Spotlight: When and How to Celebrate
National Goof Off Day

national goof off day

The Origin of National Goof Off Day

Goofing off is a practice as old as time, but the holiday has a much more recent origin Monica "Moeller" Dufour and her grandfather William D. Chase are the founders of National Goof Off Day. In 1976, Dufour at age ten was listening to her grandfather speak on a radio station. 

When he asked for people to call in with holiday ideas for the Chases' Calendar, Dufour disguised her voice and suggested Goof Off Day. She confessed that she'd played a prank to her grandfather the next day, but her little joke went a bit farther than that.

A local newspaper reporter had heard the interview and wrote an article about the need for a such a holiday. Later, they would hold an inaugural celebration, though the exact year is unclear. Even so, the idea of National Goof Off Day has appealed to many – it's also known as International Goof Off Day in some places! Imagine what the world would be like if we all decided to take a day to relax in unison.

How to Celebrate National Goof Off Day

Celebrating this holiday is easy: all you need to do is goof off a little (or a lot) and have fun. Test out your jokes, show off your silly side, and take the opportunity to de-stress. Everyone needs to take the chance to have fun, and this is the day to do it! How you want to enjoy National Goof Off Day is up to you, but here are some of our favorite suggestions.

Be Silly

First and foremost, letting yourself act silly is the key. Many of us hold off on being whimsical because we fear judgment from those around us. Making a fool of yourself is never easy, but letting your guard down can be a refreshing experience. 

Even if you don't go public with your wackiness, thinking silly thoughts and having fun with your friends is more than enough. You might be surprised at what antics everyone can get up to when they let themselves loose!

Play Some Games

Games are a great way to goof off and kill some time. Gather your friends and family for a board game, indulge yourself in some puzzles, tap away at your phone apps, or even hook up the console and enjoy some video games. Bonus points if you pick a multiplayer and bring others into the action!

Take the Day Off

Okay, this one's a bit harder when the holiday falls on a weekday, but it's so worth it. You have over 300 other days in the year to act responsible, so one little day of not doing work, school, or whatever else is on your plate won't cause the end of the world. Besides, what else is goofing off if it isn't avoiding work?

Head to the Water Cooler

If you can't entirely skip out on work, at least don't spend the whole day chained to your desk. Even when you're on the clock, your brain needs a moment to think about other things and recharge. Take a trip to the water cooler and chill out with your coworkers. Chat about anything that isn't work-related – television shows, your best jokes, what sort of other great goofing off events you're thinking of doing once you're off. Anything goes!

woman being goofy

Watch a Comedy

So many great (and not so great) comedy films exist out there, so pick one out and enjoy some laughs on the couch. With Netflix and other video services on your side, you have access to hundreds of choices. Rewatch your favorite comedy or pick out that movie you haven't had a chance to watch yet. If you can't decide on only one, that's why we have movie marathons. Don't forget your popcorn!


There's probably an abundance of things on your to-do list. You may want to use your time to be productive, but how many of those things need to happen today? So long as you're not inviting in potential disaster, skip out on the errands and leave them for the next day. You've got a date with sweet, sweet procrastination.

Surf the Net for Comic Relief

Oh, the internet. Home of funny cat pictures and absurd videos. You're bound to find something worthy of a laugh there, so whip out your laptop or smartphone and get to searching. Trade off funny things with your friends for even more amusement all around.

Go Somewhere Unexpected

You have your routine, and that's fine. But going somewhere out of the ordinary will make for an even more enjoyable day. Go for absolute spontaneity and don't even plan your trip. Pick the first thing that comes to mind and set out. 

Test Out Your Best Jokes

Whatever puns, riddles, or otherwise silly statements you've been stocking up, let them free and into the world. Don't worry about whether a joke is good or not; even bad jokes are welcome on National Goof Off Day. By the time all is said and done, you'll know which jokes to break out again and which ones to let go.

Watch Your Favorite Comedian

Another way to enjoy vegging out on the couch and letting out some laughs is to enjoy your favorite comedian in action. This idea is another activity where the internet is your friend! Whether you watch different clips or go all out and enjoy a full special, you're bound to have a good time.

Go for a Drive

Another excellent way to break your routine is to hop in your car and take a leisurely trip. Enjoy the scenery and stop by someplace fun. Surprise your family by bringing them along – kids likely won't say know if you pick up something sweet along the way. I mean, who will argue with an opportunity to eat ice cream? That's what we thought.

dad having fun with kids

Have Fun with Food

You don't have to limit your wacky food choices to your dessert. Try out something new you haven't had before. Get creative with food dye and make your meals into something colorful. Combine dishes you wouldn't think to otherwise. And there's also the classic of breakfast for dinner. Rainbow colored pancakes might be the best thing ever.

Dress Wild

Who needs fashion coordination when you're goofing off? No one, that's who. Break out your wackiest clothes combinations and do your hair in some strange way. If you're off to work, pack something in your bag and take a quick break from your desk to change and enjoy everyone's reactions. The more people who get in on it, the better, so set up a challenge to see who can come up with the top ridiculous outfit. 

Play an Innocent Prank

Pranks are great so long as they don't go too far, so plan out a harmless prank on one of your friends. With April Fools' Day just a few weeks away, it's the perfect warmup to get your trickster skills in action. 

Let Loose Your Inner Child

Kids have it easy. They can goof off almost anytime they want. Just because you're older than them doesn't mean you can't do the same, though. 

Enjoy some LEGOs, pull out the toys, or even just let yourself roll around on the floor for a while. If you have kids of your own, join them in whatever adventures they're having for the day. Everyone gets to enjoy themselves and have some quality time together, which is a guaranteed recipe for fun.

Bust Some Moves

While there isn't an official guide to National Goof Off Day, if there were, we think that having a dance party would be one of the required options. Put on your favorite music and enjoy getting into the groove. Do it at home, do it at work, or do it in public – have fun losing yourself in the beat.

Take a Nap

Let's face it: goofing off is surprisingly hard work. After you've indulged in all these activities, it's likely that you'll need some rest. Grab your favorite pillow, get cozy, and let yourself rest. Once you're awake, you'll have plenty of energy to keep enjoying the wacky things in life.

officemates celebrating national goof off day

Making the Most Out of the Holiday

Everyone has things they don't always let themselves do. This day is when you forget those restrictions and just let yourself have fun. If you don't work yourself too hard, you've got National Goof Off Day in the bag. Let the relaxing and laughter begin!