National Boyfriend Day takes place on October 3rd of each year, and allows us to celebrate all of the great boyfriends in our lives!

Boyfriend Day exists as the counterpart of National Girlfriend Day, which takes place on August 1st of each year. Both days exist as a way for couples to celebrate each other, enjoy some much-needed rest and relaxation, and find new and interesting ways to express love for one another.

While both romantic holidays aren’t officially recognized in any capacity, celebrating both and taking a moment to acknowledge your other half can work wonders for any relationship.

How To Celebrate National Boyfriend Day

If you’re not sure how to celebrate National Boyfriend Day, read on—because we’ll be covering some of our favorite ways you can enjoy a fun and fulfilling day with the special man in your life.

Starting the Day off Right

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Perhaps the easiest and most effective way you can set the tone for Boyfriend Day is to start the day off the right way.

Whether you and your boyfriend live with each other or not, try to find a way to be with him as close to his wake-up time as possible. If he’s the kind of guy that enjoys breakfast in bed, perhaps consider surprising him with his favorite breakfast right as he’s waking up in the morning.

Depending on the year, Boyfriend Day may land on a weekday and force you to celebrate around his work schedule. In this case, you may want to plan accordingly and pack up a nice lunch for him. The key here is to try to find something small but meaningful you can do for your boyfriend and try to tend to needs that he may not have even considered.

Regardless—anyone loves to be taken care of right when they wake up in the morning, and starting the day off right with your boyfriend will set the tone for a fun and exciting day to come. If he’s to go to work right after rising, you can be sure that both yourself and the rest of the day’s activities will be on his mind throughout his daily routine or shift.

Planning Ahead

Either before the day begins or while your boyfriend is at work, take some time to consider what events you can pack into the day that he’d find both enjoyable and worth his time.

There’s no one solution here—as each person is going to enjoy different events, activities, and experiences. Hopefully, as his counterpart, you will be able to think of events and activities that he’s mentioned either enjoying or becoming interested in doing.

For most couples, sentimentality will last far longer than extravagant gifts. Instead of defaulting to gift cards or small gifts, try to stick with things that will mean a lot to your boyfriend. Try to plan out when it is best to give the gift, and when it may be more beneficial to wait until the end of the day.

Remember that public displays of affection are not often important or even desired by many men. It can be easily to plan an event around what you may desire over what your boyfriend may want to do, so for National Boyfriend Day, make sure that the events and activities you have planned are fun but intimate for both yourself and him.

Probably one of the most important considerations to make when planning your day is to decide whether or not to surprise your boyfriend with the activities you have planned. Remember that everyone is different—so not every boyfriend would like to be surprised with what you have in store.

Even if you’d like to take a risk, be certain that your boyfriend is open to going along with your plan without knowing much of it. Since this day is about him, oblige him if he wishes to know the plan. Chances are he’ll enjoy himself far more in this manner than you’d think.

Since the very middle of the day remains busiest for most couples, there would be much to do here. If Boyfriend Day falls on a weekend or a day off for the both of you, perhaps a small lunch out together can keep things interesting before the evening activities kick in. Otherwise, plan out your day, bide your time, and wait for the right moment.

Meals, Activities, and Experiences

celebrating national boyfriend day

These days, people are usually more interested in experiences and new events than they are with a new gift or toy. While that may not be true for every couple or every boyfriend, it might be best to focus on creating new memories and experiences that you both can look back on with fondness.

If you’re opting for an experience, make sure it’s something that allows the both of you to talk and enjoy time together as it occurs. Much like with a first date, avoid going to the theater and similar activities that involve the attention turning to a third party rather than on each other.

The last thing you’d want to do during this fun holiday is sitting together in silence for several hours. Unless, of course, there’s a movie of particular interest to him.

Outdoor events like hiking and traveling to shops are always safe journeys that will allow you both to discuss the event and spend some quality time together. Try to think of his favorite shops or places to go, and take him there.

Timing is everything when planning a proper day, and since Boyfriend Day is much like a day-long date, it also needs to be approached with a proper sense of timing.

For instance, if you planned out a hike in the woods followed by a dinner reservation only two hours later, you may find that you and your partner with either struggle to meet the reservation or be entirely too tired to travel home and shower beforehand.

Give yourself enough of a buffer to travel and think ahead about whether or not you’ll be on the roads during rush hour. Small considerations like this will mean the difference between a fun and vibrant evening or a stressful afternoon of missed reservations and broken plans.

At the End of the Day

celebrating national boyfriend day

As your evening wraps up and day turns to night, you may want to turn control over the night to your boyfriend and see what he’d like to do to finish off the evening.

If you are lucky enough to celebrate this romantic day during a holiday or a weekend, he may be interested in heading to a bar or hanging out with friends.

If he does want to go out with friends, try to balance out a hesitation of losing control over the evening with a bit of grace. While it’s best for you and him to celebrate the evening together, now is not the time to try and micromanage. If anything, most boyfriends would like to continue their evening with you alone.

From here, relax with the planning and let the rest of the evening go wherever it takes you. Over-planning any event leaves out room for serendipity to occur.

Look for the silver lining in any situation that doesn’t go your way, and even if the evening goes in an entirely different direction than you expected—remember that the memory of that moment may be more valuable than fighting that’s bound to happen.

Whether your evening takes you bar-crawling till the early morning hours or heading home for a relaxing evening together, take pride in the fact that you’ve done your best to give your boyfriend the best day that you could.

As with all celebrations of our others halves, remember to do so with a giving heart and without the expectation of restitution. Relationships are all about a “give and take”—which is exactly why National Boyfriend Day is preceded by National Girlfriend day.

Remember to start the day (and the mood) off right with his favorite things in the morning, plan carefully (but not too carefully), and go with the flow as the evening goes on. Time your gift-giving with the events of the day and pick gifts that will be memorable more than their price tags. Finally, look for the little moments that will take your good day and make it a great one.

However you choose to spend Boyfriend Day, we hope that you find a way to make your boyfriend feel loved and cared for and that your actions can help cultivate your relationship for years to come.