Did you know that prepackaged bagels didn’t appear in stores until the 1950s? Bagels are available in a wide range of flavors, but plain and sesame bagels are still some of the most popular breakfast items. If the bagel is your favorite bread, make sure you don’t miss National Bagel Day.

When Is National Bagel Day?

bagel day

National Bagels and Lox Day is celebrated on February 9th. This holiday is meant to honor the pairing of bagels with brined salmon and cream cheese toppings.

You can celebrate the bagel again on July 26th. This holiday is known as National Bagelfest Day.

There is a third day dedicated to bagels. ‘Have A Bagel’ Day is celebrated on December 11th.

You can celebrate these three holidays by eating bagels. Even though February 9th is about bagels and lox, the holiday is often celebrated with bagels alone.

Businesses are more likely to celebrate the December 11th holiday since this special day is about handing out bagels and sharing this popular bread. You might also be able to find local events on July 26th since communities are more likely to organize events during the summertime.

Where Do Bagels Come From?

The bagel shape is an old concept that can be found in many different cultures. Creating a roll of bread with a hole in the middle allows people to store or transport the rolls on a stick.

The bagel as we know it is believed to have originated in Poland during the 17th century. A baker from Krakow created a bread to celebrate the victory of King John II Sobieski against the Turkish troops that were invading Vienna.

Jewish immigrants brought the bagel to the U.S., where it became a popular breakfast item during the 20th century.

Fun Facts About Bagels

National bagel day is the perfect opportunity to learn more about your favorite bread. Here are some fun facts about bagels:

  • Bagel is the only bread that is boiled before baking. You can obtain the unique texture of the bagel by boiling dough for a few minutes before baking it.
  • The most popular bagel toppings are cream cheese, butter, and fruit spreads.
  • Plain bagels don’t contain any fat or cholesterol.
  • In Poland, bagels used to be a traditional gift made to women who just gave birth.
  • Thomas’ is the most popular bagel brand in the U.S. Thomas’ sells more than 150 million bagels a year.
  • A bagel is a tennis term. It describes a set won with a score of 6-0.
  • Montreal bakeries and bagel shops offer bagels that are tender and sweet.
  • Even though cream cheese is a popular bagel topping, it wasn’t widely available until the 19th century.

Celebrate National Bagel Day With Local Businesses

Whether you want to celebrate national bagel day on February 9th, July 26th, or December 11th, you should be able to find local events. Finding local businesses that organize events on these dates will be easier if you live in a big city.

Coffee shops, bakeries, bagel shops, and delis are likely to offer free bagels on these dates. Some of these businesses might offer specials on bagels or have different flavors and toppings available to celebrate these holidays.

Your local grocery store might have a sale on prepackaged or frozen bagels to celebrate national bagel day.

Social media is the best way to find out about these local events. You can either check the pages of local businesses that specialize in bagels and other baked goods or simply look for local events on these dates.

Ideas For Celebrating National Bagel Day

You can still celebrate these holidays dedicated to bagels even if local businesses aren’t planning any special events. You could take an afternoon off work and plan on visiting different bagel shops so you can try different flavors.

You could also find out which business is considered as the best place to get bagels in your state and plan a road trip.

If you have never had bagel and lox before, February 9th is the perfect opportunity to try this amazing topping. Otherwise, try to celebrate these holidays by trying an unusual bagel flavor or topping.

Explore Different Flavors

bagel different flavour

Plain, sesame, and poppy seed are among the most popular bagel flavors. You can make national bagel day special by trying a flavor you have never had before.

There are many options to explore, and bagel shops are likely to offer flavors that are out of the ordinary on these holidays.

Try a sweet or fruity flavor if you want to have a bagel as a dessert. You have probably tried banana and nuts bagels before, but did you know you could find strawberry bagels and chocolate chip bagels?

If you want to try something more original, look for a bagel shop that offers smoked fish bagels, Asiago bagels, or pumpernickel bagels.

Try New Toppings

bagel different toppings

You can enjoy a traditional bagel topping such as cream cheese, peanut butter, or your favorite fruit spread to celebrate national bagel day. However, there are a lot of other options to explore.

Here is how you can make a bagel holiday more special:

  • Make a ham and cheese sandwich, tuna fish sandwich, a BLT, or any other sandwich you like, but replace bread with a bagel.
  • Start your day with a breakfast bagel. Toast a bagel and top it with scrambled eggs and bacon.
  • Have a bagel topped with beef brisket slices, cheese, and condiments of your choice for breakfast.
  • Slice some meatballs and use them to top a bagel. Add some mozzarella and marinara sauce.
  • You can make a pizza bagel by toasting a bagel and adding some tomato sauce, cheese, and your favorite pizza toppings.
  • If you are craving a snack, top a bagel with some avocado slices, and your favorite nuts or seeds.

Did you know you could add any flavor you wanted to the cream cheese you spread on your bagel? You can mix cream cheese with pureed fruits, some chopped onions or garlic, some herbs, or add some cheese crumbs. You can also chop some vegetables and add them to your cream cheese, or add flavor with a splash of juice or honey.

Make Bagels At Home

bagel different flavour

Making bagels at home is easier than you think. However, this is a time-consuming activity since you need to let the dough rest for a while.

Note that you will need a stand mixer to properly knead the bagel dough. A dough hook would also be convenient, but you can make bagels without one. You will also need a pot that is large enough to boil the bagels.

You can make a large batch of bagels and freeze them for later, or hand them out to friends or colleagues to celebrate national bagel day! The great thing about making bagels at home is that you can add any flavor you want to the dough.

These are the ingredients you will need to make six large bagels:

  • 1 ¼ cup water.
  • 4 ½ cup bread flour.
  • 3 tablespoons sugar.
  • 1 teaspoon salt.
  • 2 tablespoons vegetable oil.
  • 1 tablespoon instant yeast.

Note that it is important to use bread flour. Bread flour has a higher protein content compared to traditional flour, which results in the formation of gluten when you prepare the dough. If you use regular flour, the bagels won’t have a soft and chewy texture.

Start by placing the flour, sugar, salt, vegetable oil, and yeast in the bowl of your stand mixer. You can then add the water.

Knead the dough for ten minutes on a low-speed setting. You should then test the dough to see if gluten is forming. Cut a small piece of dough and see if you can stretch it by pulling it apart.

If the dough comes apart right away, you need to knead it some more. Test it again after another ten minutes.

You need to let the dough rest for two hours before you can form the bagels.

You can then preheat your oven to 475°F and get some water boiling. You will need about four quarts of water to boil the bagels. Note that you can add some honey or syrup to the boiling water to give the bagels a sweet taste and chewy texture.

Cut the dough into six large pieces with a knife. Form the bagels by rolling the dough into long pieces and creating circles. Let the bagels rest for 15 minutes once they are formed.

Place the bagels in the boiling water. You should boil them two minutes per side.

You can dip the boiled bagels in sesame or poppy seeds at this stage, or sprinkle another topping such as cheese or onions. You can then bake the bagels for 15 to 20 minutes.

Whether you decide to make bagels at home or to visit a local bagel shop, don’t forget to celebrate national bagel day on February 9th, July 26th, or December 11th. Mark your calendars now and find out if businesses are planning any events in your area!