National Bacon Day is a fun way for friends and families to celebrate one of America’s most beloved menu items. Bacon may seem simple, but we have more than enough suggestions for you to take this fun holiday and turn it into something to remember. Here’s how and when to celebrate National Bacon Day.

Spotlight: When and How to Celebrate National Bacon Day

Bacon’s status as one of America’s most sacred foods became clear when National Bacon Day first came into popularity.

While it may not be of any surprise to some, Bacon Day is not officially recognized by the United States. In fact, there is a scarce amount of information to be found that can adequately explain the history and correct date of this holiday of bacon.

For most, National Bacon Day is celebrated on December 30th. For others, there may be an International celebration of bacon that occurs on the first of September. Other popular dates to celebrate this sacred food includes February 19th of the first Saturday in January.

Regardless of when you celebrate Bacon Day, there are many ways you can incorporate this product into each meal without resorting to eggs and toast. This coming December, try celebrating this delicious holiday with a few of our tips and tricks.

national bacon day


Breakfast is both the most important meal of the day, as well as the meal that’s most commonly associated with bacon. For most Americans, a balanced breakfast includes freshly squeezed orange juice, eggs, toast, and two thick strips of bacon.

While you may not need to recreate the above meal precisely, it may be wise to skip out on the more eccentric options of creation and stick with a simple meal that utilizes bacon. By overindulging in bacon this early in the day, you or those who are celebrating Bacon Day with you might not be so keen on the meat item later in the day.

Try serving a traditional meal with bacon on the side or otherwise not overwhelming the meal. If cooking for others, try leaving bacon as an option part of breakfast—with the promise of more bacon to come.

This way, anyone who wants to go ahead and start the day off right is free to do so—but those who may be a little more squeamish with the amount of salt, grease, and meat can hold off until the time is right, and your meals can become all that more creative.

Lunch & Snacks

For most, Bacon Day won’t be recognized by your job or place of business. December 30th may see a few off of work, but in case you are stuck in the cubicle during National Bacon Day, we’ve got a few options that can help you celebrate without clocking out.

Snacks that get you through the day are great places to insert either bacon bits or bacon based meals. There are many novelty items that you can purchase that incorporate bacon into anything from chips to nuts, to snacking on these throughout the day will be sure to draw an eye to any desk.

Next, plan for your lunch and see about incorporating bacon into your meal. Lunch in the office or on the job is crucial to getting through those final hours, so like with breakfast, now might not be the time to eat mountains of the stuff.

An excellent option for including a little bit of bacon with an otherwise-healthy lunch is to order a Cobb salad or to prepare one at home and take it into work.

To make a classic Cobb salad, you will need:

  • Fresh lettuce
  • Leafy greens, such as cabbage, spinach, or other favorites
  • Chopped or diced tomatoes
  • Chopped carrots
  • Grilled chicken
  • Crumbled eggs (hard-boiled)
  • Shredded cheese
  • Corn
  • Bacon bits!

A Cobb salad is assembled much like any other salad, so be sure to lay down a foundation of thick lettuce and fresh leafy greens. You may put the tomatoes or carrots on either now, or towards the end, if you prefer easier access.

The main focus of the Cobb salad is the crumbled eggs and diced sections of grilled (or fried) chicken. Both are crucial to an excellent Cobb salad, so try to balance out each and cook them fresh in the morning.

Finally, we layer the top with corn, shredded cheese, and of course, bacon bit! Since it’s a holiday, you may want to be a little bit liberal with the bacon bits to keep in the spirit.

If you’re making a Cobb salad for others, you can try placing the ingredients out in rows on a large dish to allow each guest to make their Cobb salad as they wish. Either way, Cobb salads are great for those who want to celebrate Bacon Day without overloading before the main event.

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Once the day’s work is through, and everyone has returned home from school, business, or other obligations, it’s time to truly celebrate National Bacon Day.

While there are several restaurants you can go to for bacon-focused entrees, appetizers, and desserts, a lot of the fun of Bacon Day is to make the meals yourself.

If you’re celebrating this culinary holiday with friends or with family, head to the shops and see what can be purchased, but more importantly, what can go great with bacon. Popular items include bacon-wrapped fries, potato wedges, and even bacon-wrapped greens. With these items, the sky is truly the limit.

For others, sticking to tried and true options and adding the bacon accordingly may work best for you. Hamburgers, hot dogs, and other backyard fares could provide for a bonding experience out in the sun. Since Bacon Day is celebrated in December, however, it may be best to move your festivities indoors.

Once you’ve collected the ingredients (and purchased more than enough bacon), it’s time to get cooking. Since these meals will require a lot of creativity and a little bit of ingenuity, talk with your guests or family members about how they would like their meals cooked. Better yet, try to find a way to incorporate cooking into the festivities.

If you’re still short on ideas, try making a bacon weave and incorporating into other meals on the table. Making a bacon weave is simple—just weave together bacon horizontally and vertically like you would any other weave, pop into the oven, and cook until brown and sizzling. This bacon weave can be cut up into portions or wrapped into burritos or others fun menu items.

One of the best parts about bacon is that you won’t be needing any cooking oil or grease. Cooling all of those strips of bacon is sure to leave more than enough leftover grease, so if you’re making burgers or hot dogs, try cooking them in the grease to bring out the favor in every meal.

incorporating bacon for national bacon day


After dinner, you may already be a little sick of the grease and flavor of all of that meat. It may initially seem like there’s no good way to make desserts with bacon, but there are a few ways that you can surprise anyone with a sugary, meaty treat.

As popularized by Voodoo Donuts in downtown Portland, bacon donuts are an equally strange and delicious dessert option. Bacon donuts are best made with maple frosting and bacon bits on top—but some vanilla frosting will do in a pinch.

Candied bacon is another good option, but will require a fair amount more work. To make candied bacon, mix maple syrup, brown sugar, and a little bit of vinegar and pepper to taste.

Then, bake bacon in the oven for a few minutes, before basting with your new mixture. Baste every five minutes until your bacon looks crisp and ready to eat. Let cool until warm to the touch, and serve out in any way you’d like—or alongside your bacon donuts.

The result should be a full dinner meal and a dessert that’s utilized this classic meat item to its fullest possible extent. After dessert, you may find yourself questioning whether or not you’ll be eating bacon again anytime soon, but take some pride in the fact that you’ve taken what most would consider a novelty holiday and celebrated it to the fullest possible extent.

Bacon Meals To Cleanse The Palate

National Bacon Day is also a great way to “cleanse the palate” between the vibrant roasts and dinners of Christmas and the drinks and celebration of New Years. For many parents off of work between these two holidays, it also provides a good way to help pass the time for younger members of the family.

Whoever you celebration Bacon Day with, we hope that you won’t hesitate to try out many of our tips and suggestions and make every meal focused on this American classic. The stories you’ll be to tell, and perhaps even any nausea you’ll feel will be remembered by anyone who participates long after the day has ended.