We wanted to start our summer vacation planning by using a printed June 2019 calendar. The omnipresence of feature-ridden, computer-based tools blinds us to the joy of using a paper calendar and pens/pencils for planning. While we can sync calendars with our laptops, tablets, and smartphones, we lose the creative pleasure of writing events, drawing arrows, and scribbling things out as we sort out best dates and interconnected timelines. Negotiating dates on paper has a tactile element that can bring a team or family together in a way that computers just cannot.

Hit the Printable June 2019 Calendar Motherlode

traditional calendar showing the month of June

Image Source: Pixabay.com

This is not to say that we should dispense with computer-based calendars altogether. In fact, we find that our penchant for the paper version benefits greatly from computer assistance. This can be as simple as being able to print out a clean copy when your pen-based brainstorming gets too cluttered or misplaced. It can be more involved, such as pre-populating a calendar with important holidays or appointments to lock down non-negotiable commitments. Or it can be macro-clever, such as automatically including a days-til-school-starts countdown to provide hope to summer-wary parents.

We set out on a printable June 2019 calendar quest, seeking the most useful features to augment our planning process. This resulted in calendar overwhelm. Clever designers have taken the basic one-month calendar and re-engineered it to suit every purpose imaginable. To keep things manageable, we adopted three general calendar categories based on the how advanced the calendar options were:

  • Traditional calendars

  • Easy-add options
  • Advanced calendar tricks (with Excel!)

Traditional Calendars

Does this category really need an introduction? This is the classic seven-column grid calendar where each month fits on a page. Each column is a day of the week, beginning with Sunday and ending with Saturday. Each row is a new week. Each date has its own box. Since the June 2019 calendar begins on a Saturday, the first six boxes are either blank or have grey numbers 26-31, showing they were days in the previous month. Likewise with the final row of dates; the June 2019 calendar ends on a Sunday, so a grayed-out July 1-6 fills the rest of that week.

The traditional calendar has two major advantages in that pretty much everyone recognizes this format and it leaves tons of blank space for adding dates/events and drawing the circles and arrows we use to emphasize events and show that they cover multiple days.

day 10 in the calendar is encircled and marked as deadline

Image Source: Pixabay.com

Before you venture onto the web to print your traditional June 2019 calendar, you may want to consider printing from the calendar tool you already use regularly. Microsoft Outlook, the native Apple Macintosh calendar (officially known as “Calendar”), and Gmail’s calendar each have options for printing a single month in the traditional format. The advantage to using one of these tools is that you can choose to include meetings and events you already have scheduled. Simple is as simple does.

Easy Clean-Sheet June 2019 Calendar Generator

If you want to print a completely clean-sheet version of the traditional-format June 2019 calendar, head over to https://calendarcraze.com/create-your-calendar/. Their tool is so easy to use it barely requires instructions. Just pick the year and month you want, skip the “image upload” options, and click “submit”. Your calendar will be ready to download and print in less than a second. Bonus: CalendarCraze has numerous options for decorating and customizing your calendar. Starting here for your clean sheet June 2019 calendar means you will already know how to use the tool when it comes time to add features.

June 2019 Calendar with Easy-Add Options

Let’s take another look at https://calendarcraze.com/create-your-calendar/. Though we initially focused on creating a basic one-month printed June 2019 calendar, the site has several clever customization options.

First, you can customize your calendar with your own images. Instead of the office supply store’s “puppy of the month” or “fireman of the month” options, why not feature your “family member of the month”. Perhaps Junior’s birthday is in June: he should be the featured child on your June 2019 calendar. CalendarCraze allows you to choose images from your computer and upload them for this purpose. The most difficult part of this process will be selecting your favorite family pictures.

a small print of June calendar with a circle mark on the 30th day

Image Source: Pixabay.com

Second, CalendarCraze has options for including major (and some minor) holidays on your calendar. This is handy for business, school, and festivity planning.

Third, though CalendarCraze calendars are delivered in a single size format (for printing on standard 8.5” x 11” paper), we know a trick for printing several months on a page. Pretty much every printer made comes with an option for changing the number of pages printed on a single sheet of paper. We like to print four months on a single page, which is handy for planning purposes. That’s an entire quarter on a page and only four pages to view a year.

Though it varies by printer model, the option for changing the number of pages printed on a sheet normally appears when you select “print”. Most of us mindlessly click “okay” on the dialogue box that appears. Instead, take a look at that dialogue. (You may need to select an “advanced” options button.) Find the “pages per sheet” selection and choose two, three, or four. Instead of shuffling through calendar pages, you can now see your whole summer’s plans on a single page. It’ll please the environmentalist in your family, too.

Advanced Calendar Tricks (with Excel!)

This section is for the real calendar geek. This goes beyond just creating your June 2019 calendar and into advanced tricks you can use to highly customize it. For these tricks, we like Microsoft Excel (and have used their terms in the descriptions). However most spreadsheets have similar functionality, even if they use slightly different terms.

an icon for spreadsheet where you can customize your june 2019 calendar

Image Source; Pixabay.com

Our favorite calendar trick with Excel is to perform date math, which allows you to quickly determine the number of days between events. Want to count down the number of days to a big event, such as days until Christmas? How about days until you graduate? Or the real biggie: how many days until you can retire? Excel is an app for that. If you just want to be silly or “weird”, you can create a June 2019 calendar that counts down the number of days in the month.

Our second favorite Excel calendar trick is auto-populating dates in a calendar. Let’s say you found this article mid-June and do not want to waste half a sheet of paper on dates that have already passed. If today is June 12, you can enter that date in your Excel calendar and have Excel fill out all the rest of the dates for you. That leaves the top half of your printed June 2019 calendar blank for scribbling notes, phone messages, or other useful activities like tick-tac-toe.

Our third favorite Excel calendar trick is an extension of the date auto-population for a calendar without breaks between the months. Remember how we mentioned a traditional June 2019 calendar would have six blank days in the first column because June begins on Saturday? Using Excel’s auto-population feature runs the months into each other but enters the correct dates. Thus, the May, June, and July calendars merge into each other (like they do in real life). Friday, May 31 steps right into Saturday, June 1. This is fantastic for planning purposes, as you can visualize a whole year as a block rather than having to mentally correct for those blank dates (or near-weeks) between months. Yes, we are huge Excel calendar geeks.

Advanced Calendar Pro Tip: Look for Templates

laptop screen showing schedule

Image Source: Pexels.com

We might be aspiring calendar geeks, but we are hacks compared to much more experience Excel users who have created wondrous calendar tools. For basic ideas, Microsoft includes numerous versions in their default Excel templates. Even better, many Excel wizards (dare we say “artists”?) have uploaded templates of their best tricks. If you have a particular June 2019 calendar task or trick you want to figure out, Google it to see if someone has already provided you with exactly what you seek.

Conclusion: Exploring the Online Calendar Rabbit Hole

We started with the simplest of tasks: print a June 2019 calendar. Then we took a trip down the Internet “rabbit hole” into minor, then major calendar customization options. The bottom line is that regardless of the specific type of June 2019 calendar functionality you need–from basic printed page, to customized images, to intricate Excel date calculations–a little Google and a few clicks should be able to satisfy your needs. Instead of you adapting to a standardized calendar, you can make the calendar adapt to your needs. It saves paper, saves hassle, and can make putting together your family’s whole summer a pleasure. Don’t forget to include that countdown to when school starts. It’ll save you stress.

Featured Image Source: Pixabay.com