June 2018 Calendar – Free, Printable Calendar Templates

There’s a calendar for everyone! We’ve gathered eight printable calendars covering all major federal, religious, and wacky holidays. You can view your calendar of choice on this page or print it in JPEG or PDF form.

If you’d like to add this calendar to another page, we recommend the JPEG calendar option, but the PDF is perfect for printing on an 8.5×11 sheet.

Here’s a list of calendars for you to download or print:

Blank​ ​Calendar

Jun 2018 Blank calendar

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The blank calendar is the ideal option for a truly customized experience. With a blank calendar, you can identify the exact holidays and celebrations you want to prioritize without wading through extras you don’t want.

Federal​ ​Holidays​ ​Calendar

Jun 2018 Federal calendar

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June 2018 is federal holiday free! People in the United States can enjoy this quiet month and look forward to the huge July 4th Independence Day celebration next month.

Unique​ ​Holidays​ ​Calendar

Jun 2018 Unique calendar

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June has some fun and unique (and tasty!) holidays. Here are the most interesting:


  • June 2: National Doughnut Day. Though it’s become big on Instagram and social media recently, National Doughnut Day began oversees when the Salvation Army wanted to cheer up soldiers risking their lives in the trenches during the war. The Salvation Army also used doughnuts to raise funds and awareness for the organization.
  • June 6: D-Day. Allied troops invaded the beaches of Normandy on this day in 1944. It was the largest amphibious assault in world history and became a massive, bloody battle. It was, however, the turning point in the war in the European theater. Thousands of Allied troops died on these beaches during D-Day, and now this day is an unofficial celebration of their courage and a remembrance of their lives.
  • June 27: Helen Keller Day. Helen Keller was born in 1880 in Alabama in the United States. When she was very young, she suffered an illness that left her blind and deaf. Despite these challenges, however, Helen learned to communicate in sign language and became the first deaf and blind person to earn a bachelor’s degree in the US. Now, on Helen’s birthday, we celebrate human grit and hard work.

Catholic​ ​Holidays​ ​Calendar

Jun 2018 Catholic calendar

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Catholics celebrate one main holiday in June, and it’s listed here:


  • June 8: Sacred Heart of Jesus. This holiday is a solemnity in the liturgical calendar. It falls after Pentecost. The devotion to the Sacred Heart is one of the most widely practiced and well-known Roman Catholic devotions. It takes Jesus Christ’s physical heart as the representation of his divine love for humanity.

Jewish​ ​Holidays​ ​Calendar

Jun 2018 Jewish calendar

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No major Jewish holidays occur this month, but there are many to celebrate next month in July.

Mormon​ ​Holidays​ ​Calendar

Jun 2018 Mormon calendar

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Latter Day Saints commemorate one date in June:


  • June 27: Martyrdom of Joseph Smith. Smith, the founder of the Church of the Latter Day Saints, and his brother Hyrum were martyred on this date in 1844. They were killed by a mob while in jail in Carthage, Illinois. The rebuilt Nauvoo Temple was dedicated in commemoration of this in 2002.

Muslim​ ​Holidays​ ​Calendar

Jun 2018 Muslim calendar

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On the heels of Ramadan in May comes another fast for Muslims.


  • June 15: Shawwal. Some Muslims observe six days of fasting during Shawwal, and together with the Ramadan fasts, these are the equivalents of fasting all year round. A good deed in Islam is rewarded ten times, which means that fasting thirty days during Ramadan and six days during Shawwal is the equivalent of fasting for the whole year in terms of reward.

Protestant​ ​Holidays​ ​Calendar

Jun 2018 Protestant calendar

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Protestants celebrate big in June with an unofficial–yet important and universally recognized–holiday. You can learn more below:


  • June 17: Father’s Day. In the United States, Father’s Day is celebrated on the third Sunday of June and honors fathers, paternal bonds, and father’s influence in society. Retailers have made it somewhat commercial in recent years by promoting greeting cards and gifts such as electronics and sports memorabilia.