July is typically a month filled with important dates and vacations. The conveniently named July 4 Independence Day holiday sits at the beginning of the month; serving as a milepost for summer celebrations, family get-togethers, and extended summer trips. For parents, it also serves as a mid-point for the kids' summer vacations (and the countdown to their glorious return to school). This makes having a printable July 2019 calendar posted prominently on a kitchen wall a must-have item for navigating the summer months.

Just ​A Simple July 2019 Calendar, Please

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Your computer and the Internet are awash with feature-laden date keepers, including single-month versions like a July 2019 calendar. Features range from holiday and anniversary reminders, event organizers, even special planning tools that could manage construction of the Large Hadron Collider.

However, many of us would prefer an old-school, single-page July 2019 calendar where each day of the week is a column, each week is a row, and each date has its own perfectly square box with room for writing notes. With some tweaks, you could print this directly from Microsoft Outlook, Apple's Calendar, or even Google Calendar. But why do that when you can go straight to https://print-a-calendar.com/july-2019 and get exactly what you want with a couple of clicks. The most difficult decision you will have to make is choosing between portrait and landscape layouts.

Scribble ​A Rough Draft; Print Again ​For Refinements

Cooperative planning is one of the best uses for a plain old paper July 2019 calendar. A copy can be shared at the dinner table and marked up with colored pencils. This allows everyone to make sure their important dates and events are included. Family vacations can then be inserted between summer school, camp weeks, and work requirements. This scribbled mess can be cleaned up when it is transferred to a clean July 2019 calendar printed from the same site.

Wait, Maybe We Would Like Some Key Dates

Though Independence Day (Thurs., July 4) is the best-known US holiday on the July 2019 calendar, we occasionally want a lesser-known holiday or event for our own celebration. A stop at Hallmark's holiday calendar tells us that July 28 is Parent's Day and July 28 is a Full Moon. They also have a date calculator that helped us determine that Independence Day marks 62 days until school starts again (assuming it starts traditionally on the Tues. following Labor Day.)

If you want to go hog-wild on the lesser-known July 2019 calendar holidays, visit http://www.holidayinsights.com/moreholidays/july.htm for “lesser-known holidays.” Every single July 2019 calendar day has its own celebration; some days have multiple. For busy parents, summer school teachers, or desperate local news producers, these can provide an excuse for an impromptu celebration or creative activity. A few of our favorites:

July 3–Aug. 11: Dog Days of Summer*
July 1: International Chicken Wing Day
July 4: Sidewalk Egg Frying Day
July 13: Embrace Your Geekness Day
July 24: Amelia Earhart Day

*Bonus fact: Because the star Sirius in the Canis Major (Big Dog) constellation was overhead during this period, the ancient Romans nicknamed the humid, hot days of summer the “Dog Days”

How Do We Include Dates Already Entered ​In Our Computer's Calendar?

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If you prefer to automate your calendar, you may already be using the perfect platform in Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar, or Apple's Calendar. Though it will take some experimenting (and there are plenty of how-to YouTube videos available), you can auto-populate your calendar with dates you already have entered. This will allow you to print a paper July 2019 calendar that is auto-populated with key holidays, work dates, and other events you already have planned. This will include granular details, such as start/end times for events.

Planning With Sub-Calendars

One trick to look for: Each of these calendars allows you to include/exclude dates from sub-calendars. This means you can include/exclude things like “the kids calendar,” “dad's work calendar,” and “mom's work calendar.” It takes some learning to set this up, but the results will be a July 2019 calendar that makes you highly efficient at planning when you have to find open dates for trips and vacations. One of the major advantages to this planning is that mom, dad, and each child can keep their electronic calendar the way they like, then mom (or dad; whoever takes the role of calendar master) can compile the dates into a central calendar. This may sound a bit like you're running your family like a business but just think of the possibilities: The holy grail of total family synchronicity (Yes, we laughed at that, too).

What If I Want ​To Be ​A Calendar Wizard?

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There are those for whom simple is just not doable. Some want to be wizards at whatever they do. Some truly need advanced calendar functions for complicated projections and project management purposes.

The Functionality You Seek Likely Exists

The first stop we recommend is googling for calendar templates that contain the functionality you seek. There are so many programmers out there who want to show off their handiwork that you might be able to find a calendar already set up to do exactly what you want. That will save you quite a bit of effort, as you only have to learn how to use it rather than how to build it. In many cases, you can google specifically for a July 2019 calendar. However, a broader, non-month/year search will get more results. Note that calendar templates exist for major office programs, including spreadsheets and word processors.

Build Advanced ​For Yourself

Though there are countless calendar templates available, they are often limited to a single functional trick. Trying to find multiple functions at once can be a challenge. This is not a deficit in your googling skills. If your template search failed to get results, we recommend taking a look at Excel's calendar capabilities. We focus here on Excel, but similar functions exist in most major spreadsheet programs, including Apple's Numbers application and Google Sheets.

Excel's combination of date match formulas and automatic formatting, combined with a little creativity, can be used to create wildly innovative custom calendars. Some of the best we have seen include:

  • An employee scheduler that automatically ensures shifts are covered
  • A project dependency calendar that shows which steps must be finished in which order
  • A countdown calendar that automatically shows days remaining before critical deadlines
  • A quarterly calendar that tracks key projects for delivering components of a board report
  • An endless 18-month projection calendar that updates daily for mid-term planning projects

Oops, Making ​A July 2019 Calendar Taught Me Advanced Excel

In each case, YouTube can provide critical tutorials that familiarize you with the innumerable functions available in Excel. Even better, these tutorials are centered on useful project ideas rather than abstract function usage. Learning a function or two might lead you to exactly the July 2019 calendar tools you seek.

Improves Your Spreadsheet Skills

There is a bonus to doing this: Advancing your knowledge of Excel (any spreadsheet program, really, as they all function similarly) is a major skills boost, even if you are not in accounting. Taking on an advanced project to build yourself a more powerful calendar just happens to build your macro and programming skills. Not only do you get a useful tool, you turn yourself into a spreadsheet power-user.

Improves Your Management Skills

At the very least, constructing your own automated July 2019 calendar can help you work through management needs and processes in a way that simple scheduling cannot. Having to think deeply about the basic algorithms for scheduling, then building tools to support them not only improves your spreadsheet skills, it boosts your management skills and leaves you with a calendar tool that improves your efficiency. Automating a calendar can help you think about time in completely new ways. You might even find efficiencies that improve your bottom line or boost employee satisfaction.

Conclusion: A Feature Calendar ​For Everyone

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Though this article may feel like we took you down the July 2019 calendar rabbit hole, you can see that there is a logical progression to it. We started with the notion that you might want to have the most basic printed July 2019 calendar; the one we all knew from grade school. Then we wandered down the path from gradually adding holidays and key dates, to advanced features achieved via existing templates, and finally into the world of developing your own features via spreadsheet functions.

We are aware that calendars serve a basic purpose: Organizing our time. But we also know that not everyone uses calendars the same way. As much as we are advocates for developing your own calendars by learning advanced spreadsheet skills, we know that most everyone uses a combination of paper planning and computer-based calendars. Though there is the rare individual who can do everything via machine, the rest of us find more power in the initial scribbling with pen and paper. We applaud either extreme and the variations in between.