July 2018 Calendar – Free, Printable Calendar Templates

A July 2018 calendar that’s easy to print can be a tremendous help to personal organization. We’ve compiled a range of printable calendars to meet your exact needs. You can view your ideal option on this page or print it in JPEG or PDF form. These calendars include various holidays and celebrations as listed.

The PDF is perfect for printing on an 8.5×11 sheet, but if you’d like to add this calendar to another page, we recommend the JPEG calendar option.

Here’s a list of calendars for you to download or print:

Blank​ ​Calendar

Jul 2018 Blank calendar

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A blank calendar is the most customizable option here. Blank spaces and no pre-written holidays mean that you can fill in only what matters into your calendar.

Federal​ ​Holidays​ ​Calendar

Jul 2018 Federal calendar

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There’s just one federal holiday in July, and it just might be the biggest!


  • July 4: Independence Day. More commonly referred to as the Fourth of July or July Fourth, Independence Day is a federal holiday commemorating the adoption of the Declaration of Independence in 1776. It’s typically celebrated with fireworks, barbecues, carnivals, parades, fairs, picnics, political speeches and ceremonies. Americans wear red, white, and blue and celebrate by taking vacations and time off work.

Unique​ ​Holidays​ ​Calendar

Jul 2018 Unique calendar

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July has some fun and exciting holidays:


  • July 2: World UFO Day. A UFO is an unidentified flying object and while most can be easily explained by scientific means, many use this holiday to celebrate spaceships, alien visitors, and conspiracy theories. People celebrate with UFO sightings parties and events.
  • July 22: Pi Approximation Day. Pi is the symbol for the relationship between a circle’s circumference and its denominator. It is an irrational number, the digits of which repeat in a random fashion and are never-ending. People in countries who write their date in month/date format celebrate Pi Day on March 14, but people in countries that write their dates in the date/month format celebrate Pi Approximation or Casual Pi Day on July 22. Either way, people celebrate by eating pie!
  • July 30: National Cheesecake Day. There’s really only one way to celebrate National Cheesecake Day–with cheesecake! Believed to have originated in ancient Greece, cheesecakes have become a delicious dessert staple around the world.

Catholic​ ​Holidays​ ​Calendar

Jul 2018 Catholic calendar

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There are no Catholic holidays this month, so the July Catholic Holidays calendar stays empty for now.

Jewish​ ​Holidays​ ​Calendar

Jul 2018 Jewish calendar

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Two holidays occur during July in the Jewish calendar, one happy and one tragic. Here’s the list:


  • July 22: Tish’a B’Av. The Ninth of Av is a fast commemorating the destruction of the First Temple and Second Temple in Jerusalem, which occurred about 650 years apart but on the same Hebrew calendar date. Due to a number of sad things which have occurred on this day, it’s believed to be a day which is destined for tragedy. The Book of Lamentations is read in the synagogue followed by recitations of liturgical dirges that lament the loss of the Temple and Jerusalem.
  • July 27: Tu B’Av. A minor Jewish holiday, Tu B’Av is celebrated in modern-day Israel as a holiday of love, similar to Valentine’s Day. In the days of the Jerusalem temple, this day marked the beginning of the grape harvest and the unmarried girls of Jerusalem dressed in white garments and went out to dance in the vineyards.

Mormon​ ​Holidays​ ​Calendar

Jul 2018 Mormon calendar

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A truly joyful celebration marks the month of July for the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-day Saints.


  • July 24: Pioneer Day. In 1847 on this day, Brigham Young and the first number of Mormon pioneers arrived in the in the Salt Lake Valley. In the state of Utah, Pioneer Day is a state holiday and the 24th is an exciting day of celebration with parades, rodeos, and fireworks all across the state.

Muslim​ ​Holidays​ ​Calendar

Jul 2018 Muslim calendar

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There aren’t any Muslim holidays or celebrations in July, but Muslims can look forward to Hajj, or the annual pilgrimage to Mecca, next month

Protestant​ ​Holidays​ ​Calendar

Jul 2018 Protestant calendar

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There are no major or universally-celebrated Protestant holidays in July.