Looking for a new January 2020 calendar? Look no further! You can find some wonderful printable calendars below, as well as the science behind achieving your goals.

Why We Should Write Things Down

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With the new year just around the corner, it's always nice to look back and reflect for a bit. Think back to the last time you wrote something down. Was it a grocery list? A to-do list? Can you even remember? The fact of the matter is, in this day and age, most people just don't write things down anymore. We rely almost too heavily on our phones or our memories to keep our thoughts safe. 

However, neuropsychologists agree that physically writing things down is the most effective way to not only remember tasks, but to achieve your goals. Start you new year off on the right foot with a free January 2020 calendar to keep your tasks and goals organized.

There are plenty of calendars to choose from. We've all seen them at the mall or the grocery store, sitting off in an overlooked corner by themselves. Some can be quite interesting with many different designs, some come with stickers, some are even scented (no, we're not making this up, you can buy a scented calendar. No word on how long the scent lasts). 

But why spend money on a novelty calendar filled with clutter? Cut through all the distractions and stick to your goals with a clear and concise January 2020 calendar to get your new year and your resolutions off to a great start. Read on to see just how effective writing things down can be, and to access some of our favorite printable January 2020 calendars.

Can a Physical January 2020 Calendar Help You Track Your Goals?

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It might seem silly, but it's true. Neuropsychologists identified a phenomenon called the "generation effect." Basically, this idea suggests that people have more success remembering things that they have created, not just things that they have read. Don't worry, you need not craft a perfect to-do list or masterfully design your goals. Jotting things down in a dedicated place, like a notebook or a new January 2020 calendar, will suffice.

At the end of the day, there are no hard and fast rules for how to best write your goals down. Whatever works best for you is ultimately what you should stick with. Try out a few different goal tracking methods to see what you like the most. The key to success is consistency. Write all of your goals down, not just the big ones, and keep them in the same place. Being able to go back and look at your older goals to track your progress is a huge help when looking back.



Does Writing Down Your Goals Really Help?

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Yes, writing your goals really helps! It might seem silly or like it's a waste of a time, but we promise it's worth it. When you really think about it, how long does it take to write something down, anyway? Maybe five minutes? Isn't that time well spent if it helps you reach your goals?


Use These Templates to Track Your Goals

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It's important to stay consistent, focused, and diligent when writing down and tracking your goals. Using the same format, the same color or type of pen, and keeping your notes all in the same place is the easiest way to stay organized and on track with your goals.
Download and print out these simple and free January 2020 calendars and give them a try. If they work for you, that's great! Come back again and print them out for February. If not, try a different one!

January 2020 Calendar Download Option One

Follow this link to download the first January 2020 calendar option. One of the nice added features of this particular calendar is the fact that you can edit it on your computer and print it out. That way, anything you want to have written on the calendar is sure to be neat and legible. There's plenty of room for additions or edits, and you can always personalize the calendar and make it your own if you'd like.

January 2020 Calendar Download Option Two

Similar to the first option, this calendar is another great option. This one is simple, easy to use and download and even allows you to set up a monthly reminder so you never forget to print out your calendar. Again, you can always turn this blank canvas into your own work of art. This option doesn't allow for the same computer editing as option one, but it grants you more space to be creative with it.

Make It Yours

Whichever calendar you pick is totally up to you. Be sure to find one you're comfortable with and like looking at each day. Feel free to bring out the markers, pens, paint, or stickers to jazz it up a bit more if you'd like.

Remember, your calendar and your goals are your own, so don't worry what anyone else might think. If you love glitter, then add glitter! Want some funky scented stickers? Add the funky scented stickers! Do whatever it takes to make tracking your goals easy and fun. The only opinion you should worry about is your own.


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There you have it. Backed by years of research and science, it's pretty clear that writing your goals down is the surest way to meet them. It's also clear now that consistency and organization are key when it comes to best practices for writing your goals.
If you do hit a hiccup and find yourself not reaching your goals, don't sweat it. The road to success is full of obstacles! Keep your head up and don't ever give up. You might want to reconsider how you write your goals if you're noticing a pattern. Are they reasonable? Are you giving yourself enough time to accomplish things? Whatever it may be, you can get through it if you just put your mind to it.
Start your new year off right and get a jumpstart to accomplishing all of your resolutions by tracking all of your goals in a simple, easy to download January 2020 calendar. After all, why wouldn't you?

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