For many, February is the month of love. For most of the northern hemisphere though, it's still pretty cold. But this doesn't mean you have to succumb to the season's chill. There are also plenty of days on a February 2020 calendar to celebrate other than Valentine's Day. However, if you are looking for or honoring love, we'll go into some of the ways you can either find it or come up with neat ways to celebrate it with the people close to you.

February is also Black History Month. If you haven't had the opportunity to observe the historic struggles of the civil rights generation before now, it may be a good month to start. Though Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday is January 15th and his national holiday MLK Day is the third Monday of that month, it's February that was chosen to continue honoring the black experience in America.

February 2020 Calendar | National Holidays​​​​​

February also has its share of holidays. Some of them are folk holidays and quirky observances. But others have the power to raise awareness about some important issues that deserve a larger voice in the public's mind. We'll go over some notable examples here that you'll want to include in your February 2020 calendar and in years beyond.

Groundhog Day

In addition to being a notable observance on your February 2020 calendar printout, it has also now become both a movie and a Broadway musical. There's good reason too. Groundhog Day is a longstanding people's holiday that recalls nature's mythic tale about how long the winter is set to continue, or if it'll end early. According to legend, on February 2nd the groundhog comes out of its hole after hibernating all winter long. If it sees its shadow (on a sunny day) it gets frightened and runs back into its hole. This means there will be at least six more weeks of winter. Unless you wish for more powder for the slopes, this outcome is not so great.

However, if it's a cloudy day on February 2nd, it means that the groundhog will continue to proceed from its home and get to work making preparations for spring. In this case, it means that spring is here and to expect warmer weather soon. There are numerous locations throughout the USA that have their own pet groundhogs that are released on Groundhog Day, but perhaps the most notable one is Punxsutawney Phil. He is the pet groundhog in Punxsutawney, PA. Every year this famous groundhog is released amid a festive atmosphere of food, activities, and communal fun.

Wear Red Day

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February 3rd is Wear Red Day to raise awareness about heart disease. It's organized by the Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute. Wearing red on this day honors anyone struggling with heart disease or related ailments and also encourages others to mind their heart health. Because after all, you only have one heart that must last your whole life. It's best to take care of it.

The Big Game

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Like anything with "The Big" right before it, this sports event is the most popular of its kind. Super Bowl Sunday is a nationally televised event in the USA that draws more viewership than any other broadcast event during the year. It's the culmination of an American football tournament called The NFL Playoffs. It's also an opportunity to see how your favorite brands are crafting their marketing strategies. Comedy is a big part of these ads, and the Super Bowl frequently has the funniest television commercials of the year. In addition, a major music performance happens at half time. So there are many reasons to tune in.

World Cancer Day

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Another important awareness day on your February 2020 calendar is World Cancer Day. It's a day dedicated to raising awareness and encouraging cancer prevention, detection, and effective treatment. More than likely, this disease has touched your life in some way, even if you don't have cancer yourself. In this case, it's a great opportunity to give to a cancer research institution, donate to a charity for those afflicted, or to just give your thoughts and well wishes to someone you know with cancer.

The Chinese New Year

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On your February 2020 calendar this year, it may be the perfect opportunity to draw a rat on the 5th. This is because the 5th will mark the start of the Chinese "Year of the Rat." Each year in the Chinese calendar has a special significance connected to an animal and operates on a 12-year cycle. Depending on the year you were born, you're either a rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, goat, monkey, rooster, dog, or pig. Also, each year means something different for the other associated animals. A quick search will tell you what 2020's year of the rat means for you.

February 5th and 6th

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These days are World Nutella Day (the 5th) and Bob Marley's birthday (the 6th). As you can imagine, celebrating these two days together could be the cause for a lot of consumption. The first is one of the world's most popular spreads, and the second is one of the world's most beloved reggae musicians. It's also fitting that Bob Marley's birthday is also National Singing Day. So go sing your song on this day, whatever it may be, "'cause every little thing is gonna be alright."

President Pocket Monster

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Before we dive into the holiday of love, there are two more special days in February that are worthy of your attention. One is President's Day, which is also George Washington's (the first U.S. President) birthday. It's a celebration of the life and times of every previous President of the United States. Also worth mentioning is Pokemon Day, which happens on February 27th. Even if you don't have anything on your February 2020 calendar planned for this day, it can still be a fun opportunity to draw a Pokemon character here. Pokemon has now become an international craze. You've probably engaged with the brand somehow.

Valentine's Day

This holiday was originally dedicated to St. Valentine, a third-century Roman priest and bishop who looked after persecuted Christians in the early days of the church. After he was martyred and made a saint, his name became associated with courtship and romantic love as the centuries passed. The first holy day in his honor was established in 496 AD and was called The Feast of Saint Valentine. This would later be shortened to Saint Valentine's Day, and later simply Valentine's Day.

How to Celebrate

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These days the most common way to observe the holiday is to put together a series of cards called "valentines" and give them out to people you choose as an expression of love. This can be, but does not have to be, an expression of romantic love, though the holiday also recommends this. This day of the year is important commercially for some of the world's most successful brands as well. It's estimated that Americans spend around 20 billion dollars all together on this day.

A Popular Valentine's Day Poem

Here is a wonderful short poem that you can pull out if the moment's right. It's romantic without being too forward and can have an enchanting effect on the special someone you're with. It goes like this: "If I was granted a boon, I would ask for birth as your teardrop! I could take birth in your eyes, live on your cheeks, and die on your lips." This expresses a desire for closeness to this person in heightened moments that may prompt tears. It's a move that both expresses your boldness and your vulnerability. Use it wisely!

Galentine's Day

This is a popular holiday that happens on the day before Valentine's Day. If you're single, it may be a feature of your February 2020 calendar if you have friends to commiserate with. It doesn't have to be all gloom though. Frequently it's used as an occasion to celebrate how amazing you can be without needing the validation of a significant other. It's also a time to remember the special friends in your life that have helped support you during tough times. After all, where would we be without our closest friends? If nothing else, this holiday celebrates the close connections that always have your back.

Download Your February 2019 Calendar Here

So now that you have some great ideas for what to observe this February, why not grab a free printable calendar template to use exactly how you see fit? We've provided a link here for you to do just that.


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What special days are most important to you in the month of February? If your February 2020 calendar needs more ideas, rest assured that there are even more fun holidays you could add that weren't mentioned here, one of the most fun being National Walking the Dog Day on February 22nd. So have fun this February, and remember that you are loved, whether it's by people or even a new furry friend.

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