Every year, Earth Day provides the perfect opportunity to reflect on how we treat our planet.

This holiday is observed worldwide in over 192 countries. People all over the world gather together to give nature a bit of respect and TLC when this day of the year comes around.

For example, some cities organize clean-ups of public areas, like parks, streams, or highways. Others may involve the public in tree-planting, throw festivals, or raise awareness about pollution or recycling programs.

When Is Earth Day?

Earth Day is usually celebrated in spring, in the month of April. This year, the holiday falls on April 22, 2018. The theme will be “End Plastic Pollution.”

How to Celebrate Earth Day

Whether you attend meet-ups and activities organized by your local community or do your own thing, Earth Day is a fun and educational holiday to celebrate with family.

Earth Day Activities

If You Want to Take Action for the Environment

  • Join a campaign or make a pledge – One of the best ways to celebrate Earth Day is to start changing your own habits to help promote positive change in the environment. For example, you could make a pledge to stop buying plastic bottles or only use reusable bags instead of plastic ones. You could also join a campaign that speaks to you on social media and raises awareness for a cause that’s important to you, like saving endangered animals.
  • Donate or raise money for environmental causes – If you care about making an impact on Earth Day, consider donating money to help the earth. You can donate funds to plant trees in areas ravaged by wildfire or industrial activity, or you can choose to support your favorite earth-friendly charity.
  • Plant trees – If you’d prefer to get your hands dirty for the holiday, start in your own backyard. Plant trees and care for them so they can grow strong and tall. You’ll be helping clean the air, lessen erosion, and nurture a new habitat for wildlife and birds in your area.

If You Want to Spend Time with Family

  • Explore nature – One of the best ways to spend Earth Day is to get outside and experience all Mother Nature has to offer. This is a great opportunity to teach your kids to love and appreciate the outdoors. Go for a hike in the woods, visit a beach, explore a field, or just get out into the backyard.
  • Teach kids about responsibility for planet Earth – Contribute to the spirit of Earth Day and teach your kids to be the next generation of Earth’s stewards. Pass along your environmentally-conscious habits to them and help them understand the dangerous effects of pollution.
  • Read books on nature and environmental preservation – For a great day of learning, head to your local library and spend a few hours exploring books on nature and the environment. Check out books on topics you’d like to explore further as a family.

Earth Day Tips

Earth Day is the perfect time to start living a more eco-friendly life. If you’re ready to dive in, here are some tips to get started.

  • Buy reusable grocery bags – If you carry your purchases from every store with plastic bags, it’s time to rethink this habit. Most of those bags will end up in a landfill or polluting roadsides, where they will not decompose. Instead, invest in reusable shopping and grocery bags and help keep plastic out of the environment.
  • Eat less meat – Raising livestock accounts for about 18% of greenhouse gas emissions worldwide, and the world’s livestock consumes approximately one-third of the entire water supply. Eating less meat means you’ll be helping the demand go down, which will lessen the negative effects on the planet.
  • Invest in reusable water bottles and straws – Plastic water bottles and straws are additional big contributors to environmental pollution. This Earth Day, make a commitment to stop buying them and only use refillable, reusable types, instead.
  • Skip the receipts when shopping – What do you usually do with your shopping receipts? If your answer is “toss them in the trash,” you’re not alone. This is a huge waste of paper and trees, so if you can, decline a paper receipt with your purchases. If you need one for your records, ask for an email receipt instead.

Appreciate Our Planet on Earth Day

This April, use Earth Day as an excuse to get serious about eco-friendly living. If you have a family, get them involved, too.

Plant trees, clean up trash and start new recycling or eco-conscious habits. There are so many positive activities you can enjoy that will help keep the Earth a safe, clean place to live for generations.