The American Cancer Society hosts a fundraiser selling daffodils each year in the early spring to promote cancer awareness. The fundraiser, known as Daffodil Days, brings hope and joy to all who see the happy bright yellow flowers.

Learn about why the American Cancer Society chooses daffodils to support their mission and how you can take care of any daffodils you receive or grow on your own.

What Are Daffodil Days?

This is an opportunity to help the American Cancer Society raise funds to free the world from cancer. By purchasing a bundle of daffodils, you will be moving one step closer to a future without the pain caused by cancer.

Whether you are motivated by the illness of a loved one or simply want to contribute to helping end the fight against cancer, Daffodil Days is a chance to spread hope among your friends and family. You can reach out to your local American Cancer Society branch to find out how you can create your own Daffodil Days event.

Why Choose Daffodils?

A daffodil is a flower whose bright, sunny yellow color brings joy to those who see them – but that is not all.

The gift of a daffodil, meaning rebirth and new beginnings, is best given at the start of spring. Daffodils are often thought of as the first sign of spring because it is often the first flower to sprout up after winter passes.

While daffodils are significant signs of new beginnings, they also represent prosperity in many cultures. The sight of the first daffodil of spring is a sign that you will have good luck for the next full year in Wales, and the Chinese believe a blooming daffodil bulb during the New Year brings good luck as well.

Daffodils are particularly special for people born in March, as it is their birth flower – as well as the flower representing a 10th wedding anniversary. These flowers spread joy and ensure happiness, as long as they are given in a bunch. Superstitions say the gift of a single daffodil can be a harbinger of misfortune.

As the official flower for the American Cancer Society, the daffodil offers hope in its symbolism of rebirth. By purchasing a bunch of daffodils during Daffodil Days, you are supporting the organization in its efforts to bring faith to those suffering from cancer and their families.

How to Care for Daffodils

Are you ready to grow your own daffodils and learn about daffodil care? Here are all the tips you need for a happy and successful growing season.

Because daffodils are spring flowers, it is important to begin preparing them in fall. If you are hoping to have a garden full of fortune after winter, start by planting your daffodil bulbs two to four weeks before the ground freezes for winter.

You will need to plant daffodil bulbs in an area that gets partial or full sunlight, and they will need to be in a soil that is fertile and well drained. It is important that the soil remains moist throughout the growing season.

The bulbs you plant are important as well. They need to be high quality and not dried out. Additionally, larger bulbs are better than small bulbs and have a higher chance of sprouting in spring. Try to space out your bulbs with three to six inches in between each – the flowers’ roots will thank you for giving them the space to grow.

If your bulbs don’t sprout like you hoped they would, there are a couple of remedies you can try. Adding low-nitrogen, high-potassium fertilizer to your soil will help underperforming daffodils grow stronger, as will watering late-flowering daffodils. These flowers need a solid amount of hydration to spread joy and hope.

After your daffodils have bloomed, they need to be allowed to die off naturally and store energy for the next year’s blossoms. Add bonemeal to your soil to help next year’s flowers grow big and strong too.

If you receive cut daffodils as a gift – or as part of Daffodil Days – keep them in a vase, apart from any other flowers. Keeping daffodils with other flowers will cause the others to wilt quickly, but you can preserve those flowers by simply keeping them separate.

Spread Joy and Prosperity Through Daffodils

Stumbling upon a field of daffodils is a joy unlike most others. The sunny color will make anyone feel right at home and happy with their day, but so will receiving a bundle of these beautiful blooms.

Keep your eyes open for Daffodil Days fundraisers from the American Cancer Society so that you can help spread that joy to all of your favorite people. Don’t forget to buy yourself a bunch! Support a great cause while bringing a little bit of early spring sunshine into your home.