If you're having a hard time keeping up with everything in your small planner, it may be time to get a desk calendar. Whether you're a college student, busy mom, or working an office job, choosing the best desk calendar for you can help keep you organized and on time. Even if you are just someone who has big goals, documenting using a desk calendar can help you break down the steps you need to take month to month. Whatever you're looking for, there is something for you on our list of the best desk calendars.

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Product FAQ

1. What Is the Purpose of Using a Desk Calendar?

A monthly desk calendar gives you a large space to write your tasks, appointments, to-dos, lists, goals, and anything else you want to keep track of from month to month. The nice thing about desk calendars is that you don't have to whip out your calendar or planner all day: because it's already there! Some desk calendars even have stands or can be hung up on the wall, so you can choose whether you hang it up or leave it on the desk. Desk calendars are great for students, for work, and even just for setting and hitting goals.

2. How Can a Monthly Desk Calendar Keep You Organized?

Using something smaller and compact has its purpose, but a desk calendar works great for keeping everything on your plate in one, organized place. Desk calendars are large and open, and you don't have to flip to the right page every time you need to see something or write something down. It also creates a very visual representation of everything you have to do, which can be especially helpful for college students.

3. What Types of Desk Calendars Are There?

Many desk calendars are exactly what the name implies: calendars you lay on your desk. Some desk calendars have holes on the top so you can hang them on the wall next to your desk if that is what you prefer. There are also some that have a stand on the back so that once you're finished writing, you can set it on your desk without it laying out and taking up space. If you just need something small and simple, you can opt for a daily flip calendar for a more compact option.

4. How Do You Choose the Best Desk Calendar for You?

The best desk calendar for you depends on what your preferences are. Some are extremely bright and colorful and even come with stickers. If you're someone who likes a motivational quote, you can get planners with them already inside. There are, of course, also very plain and simple calendars for a more professional setting. Some have bigger boxes for writing in, so you may want an option with less note-taking space and bigger boxes.

5. Where Can the Best Desk Calendar Options Be Found?

You can find desk calendars at your local retail store or online stores such as Amazon. All the options on our list can be found on Amazon.

How We Reviewed

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In order to create our list for the best desk calendars, we took many different factors into consideration. First, we looked at the features. Some of the best desk calendars have designs, some have stickers, some can be hung up, and some can be set up on your desk. We also looked at the price and wanted to find desk calendars that had the most features for the lowest cost. There are options at each end of the price range, so no matter what you're looking for, the best desk calendar for you is out there.

Overall Price Range

Desk calendars can range in price from $5 to $50. All the options on our list of the best desk calendars are somewhere in the middle of that range. A higher priced calendar will probably have more space, sturdier paper, and additional features. 

What We Reviewed

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  • GPP Desk Calendar
  • AT-A-GLANCE Monthly Desk Pad Calendar
  • Busy B Desktop Calendar
  • Bloom Daily Planners Academic Year Desk/Wall Calendar
  • House of Doolittle Monthly Desk Pad Calendar
  • Nekmit Monthly Desk Pad Calendar
  • Large Desk Calendar with Stickers
  • Office Rainbow Wall Desktop Calendar
  • Wayrank Desk Calendar
  • Motivational & Inspirational Perpetual Daily Flip Calendar

GPP Desk Calendar

Desk Calendar 2019: Large Monthly Pages - 22"x17" - Runs from Now...
  • Size: 22"x17" - 2019 Desk Calendar runs from July 2018 through December 2019.
  • UNIQUE DESIGNS EACH MONTH - 12 patterns rotate throughout calendar. Each page is perforated to tear away easily.
  • THICK PAPER - Prevents bleed-through with markers. Each pages has MINI CALENDARS for all months.


This is the best desk calendar for anyone who enjoys a pop of color and wants a new design each month. Each page features a new unique design, keeping things interesting while you plan your month. It also contains plenty of writing space so you can write down your goals, daily reminders, or anything you like.

Each day has a lined writing area so you can easily write things down. At the bottom, there are mini calendars for the rest of the year for you to refer to if needed. Overall, this is a great option for anyone looking for not only an efficient desk calendar but a desk calendar that's gorgeously vibrant.

AT-A-GLANCE Monthly Desk Pad Calendar

at-A-Glance Monthly Desk Pad Calendar, Ruled Blocks, January 2019 -...
  • Desk pad with classic styling and ruled blocks helps protect your desktop. 12 month desk pad covers January - December...
  • Large, ruled daily blocks. Each block is 2-7/8" x 3-3/8". full Year, 12 month calendar reference included. Desk pad is...
  • Wide black headband with eyelets. Durable backboard provides sturdy writing surface. Printed on quality paper containing...


​If you're looking for something clean and simple for your office, this desk calendar is a great option. You have the choice between blue and black, both with the same layout. Each day has a box with lines allowing you to pencil in your tasks with ease. There are holes at the top so that you can hang it up if you don't want to leave it on the desk all day. The At-A-Glance desk calendar is perfect for anyone who wants something clean, simple, and elegant.

Busy B Desktop Calendar

Busy B 2018-19 Mid Year Calendar
  • Helpful ribbon loop: simply feed ribbon through hole each month to hang anywhere.
  • Runs from August to August - ideal for the school year
  • Colour coded stickers for highlighting special events. 13 monthly pockets for bills, invitations and 'stuff'.


This calendar has a pretty pink design on each page, and it isn't too overbearing. It also has a built-in stand, so you can place it on any flat surface to get a clear view of your tasks without covering up your entire desk. There is a pocket located on every page so that you can hold letters, envelopes, or cards, which means you can use it to help keep your desk clutter free.

Lastly, it's got binding at the top that makes flipping to the next month a breeze. If you want to lessen your desk clutter and would prefer not having a calendar covering up your desk, then this may be the perfect fit!

Bloom Daily Planners Academic Year Desk/Wall Calendar

bloom daily planners 2019 Calendar Year Desk or Wall Calendar - 21" x...
  • 16" x 21" desk calendar - 2 hole punches allow the option to also hang on your wall!
  • Calendar runs from January 2019 through December 2019 -- 365 days of planning!
  • Pattern changes monthly! Spacious layout with a notes & to-do section and 1 inspirational quote on every monthly page


This cheerfully designed desk calendar features colorful, bright designs that are new for each month. This calendar has got a motivational quote on each page along with plenty of space to write down notes. With the lightly shaded areas for weekends and vacations, you can easily track days off as a student or a teacher. If you are someone who prefers to hang up their calendars, you have the option to do that with this calendar.

In addition to everything else, you also get a free vision board page to lock in your goals and plan for success. This calendar would look great in a bright office, a teacher's desk, or a colorful dorm room.

House of Doolittle Monthly Desk Pad Calendar

House of Doolittle 2019 Monthly Desk Pad Calendar, Black on White...
  • December 2018 - December 2019 calendar, featuring 13 months for easy planning
  • Full monthly view on each page, featuring 2.75" x 2.25" blocks allocated for each day
  • Each calendar page contains a distinct black on white photo


This calendar is made with earth-conscious soy ink and recycled paper so you can feel good about using it. For anyone who wants to reduce a little waste, this calendar is made with the environment in mind. Rather than purchasing a calendar on paper that will just be thrown away each year, you can purchase something that doesn't require any new trees to be cut down.

Once the year is over, recycle the calendar to keep the earth-friendly cycle going. Some versions of this have a note section and some do not, depending on what you're looking for. The pages are perforated at the top so you can easily tear and add to the shredder as each month comes to a close. If you pride yourself on opting for more earth-friendly products, this desk calendar will be perfect for you.

Nekmit Monthly Desk Pad Calendar

Nekmit 2020-2021 Monthly Desk Pad Calendar, Academic Year Wall...
  • 18 months desk pad calendar for January 2020 - June 2021. Featuring a half and full year of planning power, 16-3/4" x...
  • Large, ruled daily blocks provide plenty of room for notes. Each block is 1-4/5" x 1-4/5", total annual days elapsed,...
  • One month per page layout lets you view all your monthly plans at once, easily removable perforated pages enable you to...


This calendar is pleasingly large and has spacious day boxes for all the notes you need to make. This is a desk calendar that is made with a simple design, but every inch of it serves a purpose. The boxes for each day have lots of room for you to write tasks, notes, and your to-dos. On the right side, there is a place for your monthly to-do list and notes for anything additional that needs to be added.

This calendar is made from recycled paper, reducing ink bleed. It comes with a backboard that gives you a sturdy surface to write on no matter where you're writing. At the bottom are corners that hold each month in place, keeping your sheets clean and flat.

Large Desk Calendar with Stickers

Large Desk Calendar 2020 17.75 x 13.75" (2020 Calendar, Seasons) Use...
  • BIG DESK CALENDAR or Wall Calendar 2020 17.75" x 13.75" (Seasons), Large Lined Daily Blocks for your Bullet, Journal or...
  • UNIQUE BEAUTIFUL MONTHLY DESIGNS, 2020 Calendar, Use Until December 2020
  • FEATURE RICH: Big Lined Boxes, 2-3/8" x 1-3/4", US Holidays, Daylight Savings, Day of the Year Counters, Julian Date,...


Have you ever had a desk calendar with such thin paper that all of the ink bleeds right through? You don't have to worry about that with this one. One of the coolest features of this calendar is that it comes with task stickers. Not only does this add a little bit of fun, but it's more efficient to keep track of things with stickers.

It's much easier to slap a sticker on the date than have to write each thing out by hand. You also get gorgeous monthly designs that change each month, keeping things interesting visually. This is a large calendar with plenty of space to write and keep your month nice and organized.

Office Rainbow Wall Desktop Calendar

We Show Pride Gay LGTB Rainbow Desktop Wall Calendar Planner 2018
  • 12 Month Calendar
  • Different Image For Every Month
  • Large Daily Blocks Ideal For Note Making


Each month of this calendar has a holiday or monthly theme at the top of each page. January has a firework design, hearts for February, and so on. The pages on this calendar are thick enough to prevent ink from bleeding through and ruining the next month's sheet. You also get 14 months versus 12, giving you a little more for your money.

As another bonus, you get a set of 3D cat and dog stickers you can put on your laptop, water bottle, or whatever you like. They are waterproof and reusable, so you can place them just about anywhere. This quirky desk calendar is sure to brighten up your desk.

Wayrank Desk Calendar

WAYRANK Desck Calendar 2020 - March 2020 - May 2021, Large Mouse Mat...
  • Desck Calendar 2020, From March 2020 to May 2021, with 15 months of the month page to facilitate annual planning....
  • For the convenience of writing, the daily squares are lined up. One page for a month reminded the United States and...
  • Desk pad helps protect your desk and features a new bright, simple elegant design, coupled with a black leather base,...


​This is one of the pricier desk calendars on the list, but it's well worth a few extra bucks. It comes with a nice leather base that not only looks great but also helps to protect your desktop from corrosion. The durable backboard gives you a sturdy surface to write on, and the poly corners hold in your sheets to prevent them from getting crumpled or ruined. You also get a protective film that helps to maintain security. If you want a desk calendar that is a little more high-quality, this is a perfect option for you.

Motivational & Inspirational Perpetual Daily Flip Calendar

Motivational & Inspirational Perpetual Daily Flip Calendar with...
  • DAILY INSPIRATION: This perpetual calendar includes a year of inspirational and motivational quotes to a happy and...
  • DURABLE: Contructed with gold wire binding that is sturdy enough for long term use.
  • EASY TO USE: This inspirational calendar has a built-in Easel stand, perfect for work desk and table


This desk calendar is a calendar that is less about planning and organization and more about giving you a daily motivational boost. Each day you get a new quote to carry with you and motivate you through each day.

This calendar is small and compact, making it an easy addition to your desk that doesn't add a lot of extra clutter to an already busy area. It's extremely durable and sturdy, so you can expect it to last for years to come. Because it is a daily flip calendar, you can use it over and over and over again. This is great for anyone who wants some extra motivation and the joy of a new quote each day.

The Verdict

golden calendar with black background

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Desk calendars are a great way to keep your monthly to-dos and tasks organized and in plain sight. Whether you enjoy the elegant, the functional, the cute, or the kitschy, one of these calenders will fit the bill.

The best desk calendar for someone who is looking for something bright and colorful is the Bloom desk calendar. If you're looking for something with a kickstand that allows you to place your calendar on the desk without taking up a bunch of space, the best desk calendar for you is the Busy B calendar. Not only can you set it out of the way, but it has envelopes for any papers or letters cluttering up your desk.

If you don't need any writing space, but just need something to give you a little motivation, the Motivational & Inspirational Perpetual Daily Flip Calendar would be perfect for your desk.

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