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  • Columbus Day – A Celebration for the New American Identity

    Since the 18th century, people have been celebrating the arrival of Christopher Columbus to the Americas. But that begs one […]

  • Good Friday – A Commemoration of Suffering

    Good Friday marks the Friday before the Sunday of Easter, which concludes the Holy Week. In Christianity, it was the […]

  • Lincoln’s Birthday – About a Legendary President

    Abraham Lincoln is arguably one of the most iconic and important figures in American history. He went through a Civil […]

  • Labor Day – Everything about the Worker’s Holiday

    Labor day is an American national holiday held on the first Monday of every September. It commemorates the American labor […]

  • Women’s Equality Day – Celebrating Feminism

    Women’s Equality Day is an American national holiday that commemorates the moment in which women were given the right to […]

  • Emancipation Day in the US – What Does It Stand For?

    Emancipation Day celebrates freedom from slavery in the United States and marks the signing of the District of Columbia Compensated […]

  • What Is Holy Saturday and How Do We Commemorate It?

    Holy Saturday is the Saturday immediately before Easter Sunday and immediately after Good Friday. It is a part of Holy […]

  • Maundy Thursday Meaning, History, and Customs

    Maundy Thursday is celebrated on the Thursday of Holy Week in the Christian calendar. For those who observe this day, […]

  • Palm Sunday History, Symbolism, and Celebrations

    In many Episcopal and Catholic denominations, worshipers carry palms in a procession of faith commemorating a special event that took […]

  • What is Purim Purim is one of the most joyous and fun holidays in Judaism.  It is a time to […]