Advent Calendar: What Is It And How Does It Work?

‘Tis the season for gift shopping, cookie baking and time spent around the fireplace with friends and family. For many of us, the holiday season is a time to bust out long-time traditions and take a little time to sit back and reflect over how blessed we are to live such wonderful lives. A popular tradition that many families do is using an advent calendar to celebrate a countdown to the holiday. Advent calendars are a Christmas tradition that has been in existence since the medieval times. These days, there are many different kinds and ways of using an advent calendar.

What Is An Advent Calendar?

Advent is a period of four weeks leading up to Christmas. Historically, advent is a time when Christians reflect and prepare to celebrate the original meaning of Christmas, which is the birth of Christ on Christmas day. With each day of advent, they would take time to remember and appreciate the significance of Christ’s birth for them and their loved ones.

Originally, advent calendars were made of paper with twenty-four or twenty-five small windows, each one to be opened on its corresponding day in December. The windows would have a Christmas-themed picture inside. When advent calendars started to gain popularity in the early 1900s, they were mass produced in Germany and England. During World War II, this production stopped due to a shortage of supplies. Many families decided to make their own advent calendars, creating them out of wood or any other materials that they could easily access.

Types Of Advent Calendars

Religious families often choose to uphold the long-standing tradition of paper advent calendars. However, in recent years, advent calendars have also become a fun way for non-religious families to celebrate the Christmas season each day throughout the month of December. There’s an advent calendar to meet everyone’s personal preference, interest and hobby.

Traditional Religious Advent Calendar

This adorable traditional religious Advent Calendar is perfect for counting down the celebration to Christ’s birth on Christmas day. It features a picturesque snow-capped Cathedral scene beautifully illustrated by Allison Gardiner. Each window is shaped like a cathedral window and displays a scene taking place inside the church. Little ones will eagerly anticipate the moment each day that they get to peek at the scene hidden inside the window.

If you’re looking for something less traditional and a little more interactive, there’s plenty of other ideas that can perfectly meet you and your family’s preferences.

Lego Advent Calendar

This Lego Advent Calendarcalendar is perfect for the lego lover in your household! This calendar is double the fun because you get to assemble the calendar, one small piece at a time throughout the month of December!

Your lego loving child will have a blast watching the calendar come to life right before their eyes, bit by bit. When the Christmas season is over and the Advent Calendar has been fully assembled, your child will have lots of new legos to play with.

Santa’s Express Chocolate Advent Calendar

Do you or a loved one have a sweet tooth? This Chocolate Advent Calendar is right up your alley. This is an absolutely adorable calendar that incorporates the arrival of Santa on Christmas Eve with a section of The Night Before Christmas to read as you savor your piece of chocolate each day.

This calendar will bring your entire family together to celebrate the warmth and love that symbolizes so much of what the Christmas season is about.

Advent calendars are truly about what you want to make them. There are thousands available to purchase and celebrate the holidays season in whatever way you choose. Regardless of which calendar you pick, the result is the same. You have chosen to take a little time out of each day during the month of December to gather your loved ones together and celebrate the joy of life and love.