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  • What is Purim Purim is one of the most joyous and fun holidays in Judaism.  It is a time to […]

  • Yom Kippur – The Day of Atonement

    Yom Kippur is the holiest holiday in Judaism and only lasts twenty five hours.  When Yom Kippur is translated to […]

  • Ash Wednesday: 10 Things to Know About Ash Wednesday

    1. Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of Lent.   Ash Wednesday is a day filled with prayer.  Many Christians take this […]

  • Saint Patrick’s Day – History and Traditions

    Saint Patrick’s Day is one of the biggest celebrations of the Irish culture around the world.   Right now Saint […]

  • Advent Calendar: What Is It and How Does It Work?

    ‘Tis the season for gift shopping, cookie baking and time spent around the fireplace with friends and family. For many of […]

  • 50 Things You Could Give Up For Lent

    Everyone wants to give something up for Lent to say they did, but why is Lent a thing?  Lent is […]

  • Happy Passover – What is Passover?

    Passover is the most sacred and observed holiday in Judaism, or in Hebrew, Pesach, commemorates the Israelites leaving enslavement in […]

  • Tu Bishvat – The Jewish New Year Of Trees

    Many of us wish we had more New Year celebrations, if only for the fact that it’d make it easier […]

  • Cinco de Mayo – It’s Not What You Think It Is

    Many people in the USA live under the impression that Cinco de Mayo is a celebration that marks Mexico’s day […]

  • Good Friday- Meaning of Good Friday

    Good Friday, along with Easter, one of the predominating celebrations in the Christian religion.  It dates back to be one […]