Three Ways to Spend Your President’s Day Weekend

Whenever February rolls around you find yourself full of so many questions. When is President’s Day? Is President’s Day a Holiday? Will you get the day off? Why does February feel so long?

Well, you might not find all the answers, but President’s Day is a federal Holiday, so you just might get a three-day weekend to ponder everything. It falls on the third Monday of every February, and it was originally a way to commemorate George Washington’s birthday. Today, it has become a way to honor, and celebrate all of America’s presidents, but it’s likely that you don’t do too much actual celebrating.

Three Things to Do this President’s Day Weekend 

You probably aren’t breaking out a cake in the shape of Mt. Rushmore, or reciting the Gettysburg Address. You probably can’t even rattle off the name every U.S president. Yeah, your celebration of the day might be kind of meager, but there are actually some fun, and interesting things to do. Here are there ways to spend your President’s Day weekend.

1. Make a Big Purchase

Okay, you might want to take a moment to lament the fact that every holiday, big or small, has been commercialized. You might be sad to realize that every holiday has become an excuse to buy a washing machine on sale.

Those are valid concerns, and you can certainly address them. There are plenty of worthwhile, and fulfilling things that you can do on Presidents Day, and you will do them. After you get a washing machine for a good deal.

The fact is President’s Day sales are good. Retailers are eager to start the year off on a good note. They’re also battling holiday hangovers, and long weary winters that keep people shuttered up in their homes. They need to try to draw people out, and that means big sales. That means that you have the upper hand, and you don’t want to waste it on filling your closet with more bargain clothes.

President’s Day sales are the perfect time to make a big purchase because you can maximize your savings. Buy a car. Buy new home appliances. Go big and save big. You won’t be battling Black Friday-like crowds, but you might be getting even better deals. That way you get in and out, and onto those other worthwhile pursuits.

2. Write A Letter to the President

These days people describe themselves as either fiercely political, or not political at all. No matter where you fall on the spectrum, or where you fall ideologically, think of President’s Day as a great reason to actually contact the country’s leaders. Choose a topic, or issue that you are passionate about, and reach out to the Commander in Chief about it.

The likelihood that much will ever come of it is small, but think of it as a great exercise for both your writing, and your critical thinking skills. After all, how many times do you find yourself actually formulating an argument in anything longer than an Instagram caption? And in a world where people are prone to shouting their opinions in all caps at one another, a letter offers a chance to fully, and calmly explore your stance.

You might find that the letter helps you flush out your own position, and it might even make you feel more connected to the government. You have the freedom to present an argument, to challenge a position, and to write with passion and conviction. Whatever the result, that seems like a perfect way to celebrate President’s Day.

3. Visit a Presidential Landmark

If you live anywhere near Washington, D.C. this task will probably be a lot easier for you to complete. However, you’ve still got options. For one thing, a three-day weekend just begs for a road trip, but if you aren’t up for travel you can still find landmarks nearby.

Visit a presidential library, a history museum, or even your state’s capital. You’ll likely find traces of former presidents, and you might gain some new perspective.

However you do it, the most important thing you are trying to accomplish is to get a little better understanding of history. Learn something new. You might find that you learn facts that challenge some of your preconceived notions, or you might find some welcome confirmation.  You might discover facts that make men who lived hundreds of years ago feel real and knowable.

If you have kids it makes visiting these landmarks, and celebrating President’s Day doubly important. Show them the humble beginnings of so many of America’s presidents. Show them the faces of these men when they were themselves, children. Show your kids that potential for greatness is often disguised in the ordinary. Then tell them one day you might be celebrating them. That’s a victory for education and inspiration.

Easy Ways to Celebrate President’s Day

You might not find yourself marching in a presidential parade, or listening to recordings of presidential speeches, but you can still find some great ways to celebrate President’s Day.